22 unique things to do in Denmark

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So, you've seen the Little Mermaid, said hello to Hamlet at Kronborg Castle and now you're looking for something a little different? Try any of these weird and wonderful things to do in Denmark and see Scandinavia's smallest kingdom from a whole new perspective!

Ski in downtown Copenhagen
Leave it to Danish architect Bjarke Ingels to realize this ingenious new secondary use for a waste-to-energy plant: A ski slope! Known locally as Copenhill, this new man-made slope not only allows locals and visitors to enjoy skiing without leaving Copenhagen, it helps the country in its continued sustainability and green initiatives.
(Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen)


CopenHill, Vindmøllevej, Copenhagen Municipal...
Look out from inside a rainbow
Take in unbroken 360 degree views of Aarhus from the easily recognisable rainbow rooftop at ARoS Art Museum. Created by Danish/Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson, Your Rainbow Panorama has become one of Aarhus' top attractions.
(Photo: Anders Trærup)

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Aros Allé, Aarhus, De...
Explore a huge building made of LEGO® bricks
OK, it's not actually made of LEGO® bricks, but it sure looks like it and is filled with enough to do to keep the whole family entertained. LEGO House offers red, blue, and green-themed zones, nine play terraces, three restaurants, a Masterpiece Gallery, LEGO history and much more.
(Photo: LEGO House)

LEGO House

LEGO House, Ole Kirks Plads, Billund, Denmark
Climb above the treetops at Camp Adventure
Be among the first to try out Camp Adventure's new Treetop Experience and marvel at the view of South Zealand from the top of the tower.Plus, it's only 50 minutes outside of Copenhagen!
(Photo: Destination SydkystDanmark)

Camp Adventure - Skovtårnet

Camp Adventure - Skovtårnet, Skovtårnsvej, Ro...
Hike to a buried lighthouse
Rubjerg Knude lighthouse is a famous and popular landmark in Denmark, visited by thousands each year. It remained in operation until 1968 but now stands abandoned, waiting to be overcome by sand. Climb the dramatic dunes to see it before it gets buried completely!
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(Photo: Lønstrup Turistbureau)

Rubjerg Knude Fyr

Rubjerg Knude Fyr, Fyrvejen, Løkken, Denmark
Go bridgewalking
Denmark is the only place outside Sydney where you can try bridgewalking! Take in spectacular views and get your adrenaline pumping over the top of the old Little Belt Bridge!
(Photo: VisitMiddelfart)

Gl Færgevej

Gl Færgevej, Fredericia, Denmark
Attend the largest cultural festival in Northern Europe
The ancient city of Roskilde - home of a marvelous cathedral and Viking ships - is also known as quite the music city as over 100.000 music lovers gather every year at one of the biggest festivals in Europe! If you want to join the festivities in front of the festivals iconic Orange Stage be sure to book yourself a ticket for Roskilde Festival in the first week of July - or go on a day trip from Copenhagen which is only 20 minutes away by train.
(Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen - Copenhagen Media Center)

Roskilde Festival - Indgang Øst

Roskilde Festival - Indgang Øst, Poppelgårdsv...
Climb a mountain of sand
Close to Skagen in North Jutland you'll find the largest migrating dune in Northern Europe. Råbjerg Mile has been shifting to the northeast with up to 18 metres a year for the last 300 years, and you can see the trail it's left behind on the countryside. Over 250,000 people visit Råbjerg Mile every year.
(Photo: indispensablelady)

Råbjerg Mile

Råbjerg Mile, Råbjerg Mile Vej, Skagen, Denma...
See an underwater bridge
You may know this dramatic bridge from the hit TV series, The Bridge (Broen). But did you know that half of it disappears underwater, to let ships pass into the Baltic Sea? You can often see fantastic views of the bridge before landing at Copenhagen Airport, but you can also see it disappear beneath the sea from Copenhagen's beaches.
(Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen)

Amager Strandvej 301

Amager Strandvej 301, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark
Meet hundreds of real Santa Clauses
Every July, one of the world's biggest gatherings of Santa Clauses takes place at Bakken, the world's oldest amusement park, just a short drive north of Copenhagen. Since 1957 it's been an important chance for Santas to meet and a fantastic spectacle for the young and old alike!
(Photo: Bakken)


Bakken, Dyrehavevej, Klampenborg, Denmark
Go on a scavenger hunt for trolls and giants
Artist Thomas Dambo has scattered scrap wood giants and trolls around the lesser visited parts of Denmark. They make for the perfect scavenger hunt if you want to go off the beaten track and get away from typical tourist attractions. One of our favourites is Pil Tusindtunge, a giant hidden on the island of Egholm in the Limfjord, three minutes sailing time from Aalborg.
(Photo: Martin Heiberg)

The 6 forgotten giants - Sleeping Louis

The 6 forgotten giants - Sleeping Louis, Kors...
Relax on your own ‘parkipelago’!
First of all: just look at it! Copenhagen Islands are an award-winning series created for everyone to enjoy, floating in Copenhagen’s harbour. You can rent electric boats (GoBoat) and head to your own little paradise, right in our capital. Now doesn’t that sound relaxing?
(Photo: Copenhagen Islands)

Copenhagen Harbor

Copenhagen Harbor, Denmark
Watch 1 million starlings dance across the sky
Every year in late August, about 1 million starlings move in unison over the marshland in South Jutland. Don't ask us why but we guarantee you, this is one dance party you don't want to miss!
(Photo: Lars Krucov Detlef)

Sort Safari ApS

Sort Safari ApS, Slotsgaden, Tønder, Denmark
Sail a Viking long boat
Møns Klint is one of Denmark's must-see landmarks. Aside of the dramatic scenery and lovely walks on top of the cliffs and on the beach, you can also gather pieces of prehistoric times on fossil hunts, in association with Geocenter Møns Klint.
(Photo: Martin Heiberg-Copenhagen Media Center)

Viking Ship Museum

Viking Ship Museum, Vindeboder, Roskilde, Den...
Look for fossils at Møns Klint
Møns Klint is one of Denmark's must-see landmarks. Aside of the dramatic scenery and lovely walks on top of the cliffs and on the beach, you can also gather pieces of prehistoric times on fossil hunts, in association with Geocenter Møns Klint.
(Photo: saschabendix)

Møns Klint

Møns Klint, Borre, Denmark
Find a buried church
At St Laurence's Church in the very north of Denmark, 18th century churchgoers had to dig their way in through the door to get to Sunday service! The church, named after the patron saint of seafarers, was finally given over to the sands in 1795 and today, only the tower is visible.
(Photo: christian_faber_fotos)
Head underground at the Maritime Museum
The Maritime Museum of Denmark in Helsingør (Elsinore) is a sight to behold. Designed by famous Danish architect, Bjarke Ingels, the Maritime Museum takes you deep underground in sight of Hamlet's castle, Kronborg. Delve into Denmark's fascinating maritime history and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kronborg in a day trip from Copenhagen.
(Photo: Thijs Wolzak)

Maritime Museum of Denmark

Maritime Museum of Denmark, Ny Kronborgvej, H...
Forage oysters in a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Did you know that you can experience a UNESCO World Heritage Site whilst foraging a gourmet dinner? Well, in Denmark that's just what we call an average Tuesday. (At least for those of us living next to the Wadden Sea National Park). You can go on an oyster safari where you'll learn about the areas flora and fauna as well as stuffing your face with a world-class gourmet snack.
(Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen)

Wadden Sea National Park

Wadden Sea National Park, Havnebyvej, Rømø, D...
Experience Floating Art in Vejle
Don't care much for indoor art exhibitions? Tired of walking around like a bull in china shop? Don't worry, the architectural city of Vejle has got you covered! During the summer you can attend the Floating Art exhibition. All you have to do is get yourself in a kayak, and start paddling to the art installations floating around the city's inner harbour. So you'll be able to get a bit of an exercise whilst being cultural.
(Photo: VisitVejle)
Visit the home of Hans Christian Andersen
Once upon a time, a quirky little boy named Hans Christian Andersen was born the town of Odense. He grew up to become one of the world's most beloved fairy tale authors by writing stories such as The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid, and The Snow Queen. You can visit his home town and maybe even be inspired to write a fairy tale yourself?
(Photo: VisitOdense)

H.C. Andersens Hus

H.C. Andersens Hus, Odense C, Denmark
Relax with a clean conscience on Samsø
If you're looking for a place where you can truly disconnect from the busy everyday, you might want to check out Samsø. This island is known both as Denmark's vegetable island (don't miss out on the strawberries and potatoes) and Energy Island (the entire island is fueled by renewable energy). It's the perfect place to retreat for a getaway that'll tickle your taste buds and let you relax with a clean conscience.
(Photo: Jeanette Phillipsen)


Samsø, Denmark
Stand beside giants
Svend Wiig Hansen’s monumental sculpture, Man meets the Sea, guards Denmark's West Coast near Esbjerg. These unmissable giants have been drawing visitors to them since they were built in 1995. See them on a trip to Denmark's dynamic West Coast.
(Photo: Lasse Lagoni)

Man meets the sea

Man meets the sea, Sædding Strandvej, Esbjerg...
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