Adventure sports in Denmark

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Adventure sports in Denmark

Daredevils and adrenaline junkies, this one's for you! Don't let Denmark's peaceful landscapes fool you: this flat and windswept country is made for adventure. Whether you're into mountain biking, kite surfing, kayaking or climbing, there are plenty of places to get your pulse pumping...

If your idea of a good time is trying something new that takes physical challenges to the limit, we've got a few of those right here, ready to show you just how wild and adventurous Denmark can be. Just think to yourself: what would a Viking do?

Moutain Biking

Silkeborg in the centre of Jutland is a special area for mountain bikers. The highest point, ‘Himmelbjerget’, is 147 metres above sea level and provides the surrounding forest areas with hilly, challenging, and entertaining tracks in lush green surroundings. Nearby you will also find Silkeborg BikePark, which has tracks for both beginners and hardy MTB bikers looking to put their nerves to the test.

(VisitDenmark: Jo-Joo Panduro)

8600 Silkeborg, Denmark

Kitesurfing and surfing

Yes, Denmark is windy. That's good news for kite surfers, surfers and wind turbine operators alike. Cold Hawaii in Klitmøller, North Jutland, is the centre of extreme watersports in Denmark, where you can tumble around in the powerful ocean streams of the North Sea, ride mighty waves, and taste and feel the salt on your skin. You can also windsurf and kitesurf in destinations close to Copenhagen, including Amager and Ishøj, and enjoy SUP, kayaking and more at Lynæs in North Zealand.

(VisitDenmark: Mette Johnsen)

(VisitDenmark: Mark Wengler)


Camp Adventure is known for its tower that takes you above the lush treetops, and is also a great place to climb trees. Buckle up and climb your way through the forest – jumping, leaping and gliding from treetop to treetop on its tricky high ropes course. Challenge your balancing skills and revel in the birds-eye view while enjoying the fresh breeze. It is a guaranteed hit with the kids, and the perfect city break activity, just an hour from Copenhagen.

(VisitDenmark: Daniel Villadsen)

Camp Adventure
Skovtårnsvej 1, 4683 Rønnede, Denmark

Sea kayaking

Denmark is surrounded by sea so it's a perfect spot for sea kayaking. In fact, there are at least 27 sea kayaking routes in South Jutland alone! Whether you take a day trip, an afternoon's kayaking in a green kayak, or challenge yourself to a longer route (maybe the full 110 km route around Bornholm?), there are plenty of ways to tackle sea kayaking in Denmark. The archipelago routes around Fyn are super fun, and you can combine kayak travel with a stay in a wild shelter to complete the trip.

(VisitDenmark: Niclas Jessen)

South Jutland Doors & Window Center
Hærvejen 75, 6230 Rødekro, Denmark


Copenhagen is in love with skateboarding, with a very warm and welcoming scene centring around Fælledparken's excellent outdoor skatepark in the summer and CPH Skatepark in the winter. Even the bike lanes regularly feature skateboarders and electric skateboards. Outside the capital city, you can find skateparks in most major cities, including Roskilde, Helsingør, Aarhus and more.

Superkilen Park
Nørrebrogade 210, 2200 København, Denmark


Bornholm has a unique rocky scenery with hiking and biking paths leading to stunning views. Close to famous medieval fortification Hammershus castle you will find the picturesque lake known as ‘Opalsøen’, where formations of granite rock make the perfect playground for climbing and abseiling activities. There are other places to climb in Denmark - surprising, because it is a largely mountain-free country - including urban spots like CopenHill and the indoor Street Dome centre in Haderslev.

(VisitDenmark: Stefan Asp)

Hammershus Castle Ruins
Langebjergvej 26, 3770 Allinge, Denmark


Challenge your watersports skills on a day out at the Copenhagen Cable Park, where you can try wakeboarding or waterskiing. Feel the adrenaline rushing through your body as you are pulled across the water through a series of obstacles and watch your reflection as you glide on glassy ripple-free water. It is the perfect activity for a fun-filled day in the middle of Copenhagen, all close to CopenHill where you can also try some climbing or urban skiing.


Copenhagen Cablepark
Kraftværksvej 24, 2300 København, Denmark

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