Derwent Valley and Beyond

Starting in Hobart, this scenic drive through the Derwent Valley and on to the heart of Tasmania takes you through a variety of landscapes - from tranquil rivers, rolling hills to giant forests and rugged mountain wilderness to Lake St Clair and the source of the River Derwent.

River facts: River Derwent flows more than 200 kilometers and drops more than 700 meters from its origin in the national park. It is formed by the collision of the Narcissus and Cuvier Rivers at Lake St. Clair and flows with the power of 50 to 140 m³ per second. It pours into a large estuary at the city of Hobart where you can find the deepest sheltered harbour in the Southern Hemisphere.

Dams of the Derwent have caused 7 lakes to be formed -- Meadowbank, Cluny, Repulse, Catagunya, Wayatinah, Liapootah and King William. The river is important for hydroelectric power as well as for agriculture, forestry and fish hatcheries.

Credits: Tourism Tasmania, Glenn Gibson, Stuart Gibson, Michael Walters Photography, Geoffrey Lea, Jason Charles Hill, Rob Burnett, Graham Freeman, Nick Osborne, and Alan Long

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