Consider vacationing in Tasmania if you want to visit a secluded location with historical charm, gorgeous beaches, unusual fauna, and jaw-dropping mountains (or Tassie, as the locals call it). This island, located around 150 miles south of Australia's mainland, appeals to anybody searching for an adventure.

The environment, however, defines Tasmania. This is Australia's closest point to the Antarctic Circle. Argentina is the next country to the west, with air monitoring stations claiming that the air in the state's northwest is the cleanest in the world. Tasmania is one of the cleanest locations on the planet, with forty per cent of the island preserved in parks and reserves. Much of the southwest is untamed, with wild rivers, temperate rainforests, button grass plains, and glacially sculpted mountains and tarns. It is a huge World Heritage Area that protects some of the world's greatest wilderness trekking and rafting.

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