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English-style villages and convict-built bridges lend a palpable sense of tradition to the southern midlands, but whisky is now the flavour of life.



Shene Distillery

Shene Distillery proudly produces Mackey Single Malt Whisky. Triple distilled and made from 100% premium Tasmanian malt barley and pristine highland water. Mackey Whisky is mashed, fermented, distilled, matured and bottled by hand at Shene Estate. Today the historic site is home to the Tasmanian Tiger Cooperage and the Shene Distillery. It’s a spirited place producing Tasmania’s only triple distilled whisky and internationally awarded Poltergeist Gin. The Estate’s Road Stall is open seven days for tastings for whisky tastings. We invite you to visit our humble 'Road Side Stall' which will be manned by family members. Don’t forget to pre-book a tour online if you wish to have a guided tour of the distillery.

Shene Distillery

76 Shene Rd, Pontville TAS 7030, Australia
4.8 rating

Old Kempton Distillery

Visit a genuine working Whisky Distillery and Old Coaching House. Enjoy a tour of the distillery, bond store, house and grounds. Our spirits include Cask Strength Whisky, Small Batch Whisky, Barrel Aged Gin, Six Shillings Gin, Embezzler Gin and our famous Lavender Malt.

Taste the products every day from 10 am until 4 pm. We have a fully stocked gift shop full of locally made produce including Whisky Sauces, Jams and peanut butter. Our fully licensed Café is open every day excluding public holidays.

Old Kempton Distillery

26 Main St, Kempton TAS 7030, Australia
4.5 rating

Oatlands Pancake and Crepe Shop

In Oatlands, wander the grounds of the 1837 Callington Mill, which is being repurposed and transformed into a whisky distillery. Also not to be missed is The Jardin Room for unique antiques, Imbibers for local produce and the Oatlands Pancake and Crepe Shop for brunch.

A celebrated food establishment with people travelling between Hobart and Launceston Tasmania, this cosy eatery with its heritage charm is nestled amongst the fine Georgian sandstone buildings of Oatlands.

Famed for many years for the Signature Pancakes and Crepes with a range of sweet, savoury and vegetarian options, the menus now include a variety of tempting options for light lunches, homemade slices, sweets and Devonshire teas.

All food and treats are prepared on the premises with daily specials.

Good food, prepared well, using the finest fresh local produce whenever possible.

With two talented chefs at the helm, Oatlands Pancakes and Crepes now has function rooms at their new address, 85 High St Oatlands, Tasmania. For bookings, enquiries and Regular updates visit our website.

Excellent food, coffee, fine teas and refreshments with a warm welcome and attention to service. Caters for special dietary needs, gluten-free and small portions if requested.

Eclectic artwork, heritage ambience, walled garden courtyard dining. Being so very close to Callington Mill and amidst Georgian buildings makes for a very enjoyable dining experience.

The Pancake and Crepe Shop

85 High St, Oatlands TAS 7120, Australia
4.6 rating

The Kentish Hotel

Grab a pub-style dinner at the Kentish Hotel in Oatlands before overnighting in town.

Lake Dulverton

Take a morning stroll along the shores of Lake Dulverton, a waterbird sanctuary where some 80 bird species have been recorded. Look for the Cows in the Lake sculpture peeping above the waters.


Lake Dulverton

Lake Dulverton, Oatlands TAS 7120, Australia
4.4 rating

Ross Village Bakery

Hit Ross in time for lunch at one of its two bakeries. Bakery 31 is famed for its scallop pies, while Ross Village Bakery is known for its “world’s greatest” vanilla slice.

Ross Bakery

15 Church St, Ross TAS 7209, Australia
4.4 rating

Dinki Bike Hire

Ross is one of Australia's most beautiful 19th-century villages. Explore its elm-lined streets in retro style on a vintage bicycle from Dinki Bike Hire. There’s prime pedalling on three historic trails.


Ross TAS 7209, Australia

Tasmanian Wool Centre

Tasmania's merino industry began in the Midlands around Ross in the 1830s and is celebrated in the Tasmanian Wool Centre, which features a re-created shearing shed, galleries and one of the state's largest retail areas dedicated to woollens.

The Tasmanian Wool Centre, in the Midlands historic village of Ross, is a leading attraction promoting the values and qualities of wool to visitors. Together with one of Tasmania's largest retail areas dedicated to woollens, there are informative, well-presented museum galleries in which to explore the wool industry beginnings and heritage of this fascinating and vibrant village, established in 1821.

In the retail area there is a style, colour and price to suit everyone. An important foundation principle of the business is to promote Australian wool in all its diversity. Every attempt is made to stock Australian made garments and Australian wool content in those that are crafted elsewhere.

Entering the Wool Exhibition gallery , the scent of sheep's wool pervades the air. A recreated shearing shed, with thrown fleece on its sorting table and manual wool press provide a glimpse of past times. Many breeds of sheep's wool are on view to feel and inspect.

In the adjoining room, the Heritage Exhibition gallery provides snapshots of significant milestones in the development of Ross. The Ross Bridge, Female Factory and Horton College are permanent features together with changing short-term exhibitions.

Tasmanian Wool Centre

48 Church St, Ross TAS 7209, Australia
4.3 rating

The Ross Hotel

Overnight at the Ross Hotel, built by convicts in 1835 from local hand-cut sandstone.


The Man O' Ross Hotel

35 Church St, Ross TAS 7209, Australia
4.0 rating

Ross Female Factory Historic Site

End your walk at the Ross Female Factory Historic Site, a probation station for female convicts and their babies in the mid-19th century. It's one of four female factories built in Tasmania, and regarded as the most archaeologically intact female convict site in Australia.

The Ross Female Factory, erected in 1833, is located in the town of Ross, Tasmania. It was initially built to house the convict chain gains employed on the Ross Bridge.

The Ross Female Factory is one of four female factories built in Tasmania. Between 1847 and 1854 it operated as a probation station for female convicts and their babies. The buildings were converted from a chain gang station and extended to include a chapel, dining rooms, hospital, nursery, solitary cells, dormitories and an outer courtyard. The women were taught how to sew, clean, cook, launder and care for their children. The Ross Female Factory is a protected historic site today, managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service and the Tasmanian Wool Centre of Ross. Visit the Overseer's Cottage and look at the display including a model of the Female Factory in 1851. You will notice that there are few remains above ground, however, the Ross Female Factory is the most archaeologically intact female convict site in Australia. Take time to follow the Ross Heritage Trail which runs past the site.

Ross is about a one-hour drive from Launceston (78 km) south along the Midlands Highway.

Ross Female Factory

2 Portugal St, Ross TAS 7209, Australia
4.2 rating

Ross Bridge

Ross Bridge, built in 1836 by convicts, spans the Macquarie River. The 186 carvings on Australia's third-oldest bridge were considered so exquisite that the stonemasons were issued free pardons.

Ross Bridge

Bridge Rd, Ross TAS 7209, Australia
4.5 rating

Campbell Town Museum and Visitor Information Centre

Brush up on local history at the Campbell Town Museum, and then acquire your own artefacts among the town's antique stores or its two secondhand bookshops.

The Campbell Town Museum and Visitor Information Centre is at Campbell Town, in Tasmania's Northern Midlands.

It is the halfway point between the north and south, and is an ideal place to meet for a picnic or lunch. The Campbell Town Museum is housed in the town hall, having moved from the court house in September 2014.

The museum contains local history of the Midlands area including a film projector built between 1930/1935, musical instruments, band music, photos and uniforms from the Campbell Town Brass Band which started in 1844. The museum also has a wireless dated approximately 1924, designed and built by Igrame, England.

Campbell Town is on the Heritage Highway between Launceston and Hobart. It is about a 45-minute drive from Launceston (70 km).

Campbell Town

Campbell Town TAS 7210, Australia
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