TestimonialTrải nghiệm của Blogger Trình Lê2021-09-20

Những chia sẻ gần gũi của anh Trình Lê – một người dùng của Trip.Social và mong muốn kết nối những người yêu du lịch trên khắp thế giới.


Since 2016, the trend of solo travel has begun to grow strongly. According to Economy Planet statistics in 2017, 67% of travellers worldwide have been choosing this type of travel. With solo travel, the tourists use technology applications to prepare for the trip. They choose and decide everything such as services, accommodation, activities, etc. based on their individual needs. With just a few clicks, they can easily learn about places that they want to visit.

Understanding this trend and the needs of travel lovers, Trip.Social was born to help them optimize the trip planning process, providing detailed information of destinations contributed by users. With Trip.Social, the users’ experience doesn't stop there. Travelling and connecting with others are two key elements of Trip.Social. Launched in Australia and Vietnam in 2019, Trip.Social is gradually expanding its network in many countries.

After a period of operation, improvement and connection with a lot of people in the travel community from countries like Australia, Vietnam, America, Denmark, Korea..., Trip.Social wants to understand the experience of users to be able to connect more. Therefore, Trip.Social had a talk with Trinh Le, who is working in the field of media – journalism in Melbourne and is one of the users with many interesting articles on Trip.Social, as he shared thoughts and experiences after joining our community.

Hi Trinh. Nice to have a chance to talk with you. Can you share from where you know Trip. Social?

I am always passionate about travel, photography and writing. After each trip, I often share my photos and interesting places on Facebook. Then a friend recommended Trip.Social to me. I found the platform very interesting and useful, so I started sharing my trip itineraries here.


What do you like most about Trip.Social?

What makes Trip.Social unique is that locations are added in every article via the map. Just a click, the location will appear right on the map. Users can see the exact location of the tourist attraction and the distance between places in the journey to optimize time for choosing the points they want to explore. Hence, they can have a better navigation and get the best trip ever.

In addition, with Trip.Social, I can read and learn about places that I have not had the opportunity to visit yet. There are many articles with detailed and useful information, bearing the inspiring and personal experiences of the writer, especially for authors who write about the place where they are living. Although “just a screen away”, I can feel the ambience of each place. This is partly thanks to Trip.Social's ability to connect with users from many different countries.

Do you have any problem using it and would like to provide any suggestion so that Trip.Social can improve and extend the users’ experience?

I have not encountered any problems since joining Trip.Social. I always edit the text in Microsoft Word, then upload them to the website. Sometimes high-quality photos show up quite slowly. This is a problem that most websites have encountered, so I think this is normal.

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From the perspective of a user, what do you think Trip.Social has to compete with other travel platforms and applications?

From my point of view, the hardest thing to attract users to a new platform or application is always content. There have been hundreds of travel websites and apps built in recent years. If more and more users from all over the world are connected, Trip.Social will be definitely notable in the travel community in the years ahead. This, I think, will take more time.

Thank you for your information and your time. Wishing you the best in your journey. We hope that you will continue to support Trip.Social in the future!