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This seven-day tour takes you from Uluru and Kata Tjuta through the magnificent Kings Canyon and then to Lake Amadeus' ancient salt lakes. You'll learn about Uluru's significance to the local Anangu people and get a taste of life on a working camel ranch in the outback. Explore Australia's most famous monument on foot, via camel, double-decker bus, bicycle, Harley Davidson, or from the air. The view of Uluru will not disappoint, regardless of which option you choose, especially at sunrise or sunset.

Day 1
Start your journey at the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre
Start your day by learning more about the park, activities, and local Aboriginal culture at the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre. Uluru's traditional caretakers, the Anangu people, have resided in the area for at least 22,000 years. You may buy Anangu art, see artisan demonstrations, or attend a bush tucker session and guided walk at the Cultural Centre.

Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa Cultural Centre

Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa Cultural Centre, Uluru Road,...
See Uluru from every angle
The Mala Walk provides a 360-degree view of Uluru. The wheelchair-accessible path leads to the Mala people's caves and the sacred Kantju Gorge, a tranquil waterhole at the base of a spectacular rock wall. You'll also view examples of Anangu rock art and hear about their creation beliefs in under 90 minutes (round trip).
Take the plunge or go on an adventure ride
If you're feeling especially daring, try an adrenaline-pumping skydive to see the incredible size and features of Australia's most famous natural landmark; take a helicopter flight to soak up the panoramic views and take plenty of photos; or hop on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle for an adventure ride with spectacular views.
Settle in at Ayers Rock Resort
You can stay in an apartment, a five-star luxury wilderness camp, a hotel, a backpacker room, or a campground at Ayers Rock Resort. Every night, try a different dining choice, such as the open-air barbeque at the Outback Pioneer Hotel, where you may buy and grill your own steak.

Ayers Rock Resort

Ayers Rock Resort, Yulara Drive, Yulara NT, A...
Day 2
Desert camel trek
From atop a camel, take in the sights of the desert for a unique viewpoint. Climb on for a peaceful, relaxing stroll while watching the sun rise over Uluru. Breakfast will include billy tea and freshly baked beer bread prepared by your guides.
Circumnavigate Uluru by foot or bike
Because Uluru is a sacred location for the Anangu traditional proprietors, visitors are not permitted to climb it. Instead, join an Aboriginal-led walking tour or rent a bike near the cultural centre and ride around Uluru on the 10.6-kilometer base path, which is lined with educational displays. It's a fantastic opportunity to observe Uluru's base, which is home to several springs, waterholes, rock art caves, and ancient paintings. Jump on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the afternoon and take in the breathtaking vistas.


Uluru, Petermann NT, Australia
Enjoy a unique dinner under the stars
Make dinner special with the Sounds of Silence, a one-of-a-kind dining experience that begins with canapés and a 360-degree vista of Uluru and Kata Tjuta at dusk. The next course is a gourmet BBQ of local game with bush salads and great Australian wines, followed by an Aboriginal dance performance and a night sky explanation led by the resident'star talker.'

Sounds of Silence

Sounds of Silence, Yulara Dr, Yulara NT, Aust...
Day 3
Head to Kata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), a collection of massive granite domes dating back 500 million years, lies close by. Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) means "many heads." Drive to the Kata Tjuta dune viewing location first thing in the morning. A short walk from the car park provides breathtaking panoramic views of the domes as well as a quiet spot to rest and take in the scenery's ever-changing colors.

Kata Tjuta / Mount Olga

Kata Tjuta / Mount Olga, Petermann NT, Austra...
Explore Kata Tjuta by trail
Continue on the way to Kata Tjuta and walk one of the two famous walking routes to see how ancient and imposing the domes are. The Walpa Gorge Trek is a short, simple walk that takes about an hour round trip and follows a creek to a blooming spearwood grove. The famous Valley of the Winds walk is a 7.4-kilometer route that weaves between the submerged domes and offers breathtaking views of the desert plains from its two viewpoint spots.

Valley of the Winds

Valley of the Winds, Petermann NT, Australia
Take in the views at sunset
Finish the evening by watching the sun set over the beautiful Central Australian countryside from the sunset observation area.
Day 4
Begin your journey to Watarrka National Park
A drive to Watarrka National Park and the beautiful sandstone structure of Kings Canyon, about 3 hours from Uluru, is a must-do for any Red Centre excursion.

Watarrka National Park

Watarrka National Park, Luritja Road, Peterma...
Enjoy home-style hospitality at Curtin Springs
Along the journey, stop in Curtin Springs to sample the authentic home-style meals served at the old Bough Shed. For several of the restaurant's delectable dishes, the station's own meat is used. Explore the gardens and learn about the area's and the operational cattle station's fascinating history. As a one-of-a-kind and gorgeous souvenir of Central Australia, take home some handcrafted Curtin Springs paper produced from wild grasses.

Curtin Springs

Curtin Springs, Petermann NT, Australia
Explore the valley floor of Kings Canyon
Continuing down the Lasseter and Luritja highways, you'll arrive at Kings Canyon's ancient sandstone cliffs, which tower 100 meters above a verdant waterhole, in just over 2 hours. Climb up to the rocky domes on the canyon rim and explore the valley bottom. The Kings Creek Walk trail runs for 2.6 kilometers along the valley floor, ending at a viewing platform. From May to September, ranger tours and talks are offered. Stay for the sunset to view the canyon's changing colors.

Kings Canyon Resort

Kings Canyon Resort, Luritja Rd, Petermann NT...
Spend the night in a desert resort
Choose from motel-style rooms to campsites at Kings Canyon Resort, which is only seven kilometers from Watarrka National Park. The resort has a fuel station and convenience store, as well as bars and restaurants — treat yourself to the romantic Under a Desert Moon supper, a six-course alfresco treat for two (offered April–October).
Day 5
Beat the heat with a sunrise Kings Canyon rim walk
Get up early to see the dawn and take a walk along the rim of Kings Canyon to take in the breathtaking views of The Lost City's weathered, buttressed domes and the sheltering verdant valley below in the Garden of Eden.

Kings Creek Station

Kings Creek Station, Luritja Road, Petermann ...
Have an epic Outback experience
After completing your trek, say your goodbyes to Kings Canyon and drive 35 kilometers to Kings Creek Station, a working cattle and camel station at the foot of the George Gill Range. A short or overnight quad bike tour is a great way to see this spectacular part of the Outback. Kangaroos, wild camels, wedge-tailed eagles, and colorful parrots are all to be found. Take a seat at the stock camp show and hear about the area's history from locals while seeing live animal handling displays. Finish the evening with a traditional damper and billy tea supper.
Camp or glamp, take your pick
Pitch a tent or stay in a safari cabin surrounded by natural vegetation, sample a famous Kings Creek camel burger, or take a trip to the George Gill overlook for spectacular views of the range.
Day 6
Make your way back to Curtin Springs
Make another stop at Curtin Springs on your way back to Uluru along the Lasseter and Luritja highways; this time you'll be staying the night. There's lots to see and do in the area, including visiting the iconic salt lakes and getting up up and personal with Mt Conner, all of which are accessible via Curtin Springs' guided walking excursions or the SEIT four-wheel drive trip.

Curtin Springs

Curtin Springs, Petermann NT, Australia
Get up close to Mt Conner and Lake Amadeus
Mt Conner isn't as well-known as Uluru, but it's no less impressive. It's a horseshoe-shaped peak with a flat top that rises 300 meters above the surrounding desert. Lake Amadeus, Australia's oldest inland salt lake, is the largest salt lake in the Northern Territory and makes for wonderful photography. Enjoy a glass of wine as the daylight fades and witness the shifting colors of the sunset over Mt Conner, followed by a three-course Outback meal made by Curtin Springs' cook.

Lake Amadeus

Lake Amadeus, Petermann NT, Australia

Mount Conner

Mount Conner, Petermann NT, Australia
Curtin Springs stop over
The Curtin Springs Wayside Inn offers a variety of lodging options tonight, including ensuite, budget, and family rooms, as well as powered and unpowered campsites.
Day 7
Breakfast at the Bough Shed
This morning, before heading back to Uluru, stop at the Curtin Springs Bough Shed for breakfast and a cup of hot coffee. Take your time and stop along the road for some last-minute shots of the magnificent rock as it appears.
Souvenir shopping in Yulara
Before leaving this renowned Australian site, pay a quick visit to the village of Yulara, which is ideal for last-minute souvenir buying and also has a number of excellent cafes to select from for lunch. Reminisce over an unforgettable week filled with adventures and once-in-a-lifetime events. It's time to head to the airport for your journey back home.


Yulara NT, Australia
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