The perfect guide to discovering the Vineyards of Bordeaux.

However, the city is of course best known for its world-renowned wines and vineyards, which consists of over a million acres of vine grown grapes that produce some of the most delicious and also most popular wines throughout the world. So, to help wine lovers and connoisseurs discover all that this uniquely situated city has to offer, we have put together the perfect guide to Bourdeaux’s many fantastic vineyards and wineries.

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The perfect guide to discovering the Vineyards of Bordeaux.

The city of Bordeaux in the southwest regions of France is a municipal hub that is at the heart of Frances thriving wine trade and is well known for its beautiful Gothic Architecture, stunningly lush public gardens, and friendly minded locals.

The wine regions of Bourdeaux are broken up into three unique areas or valleys, each with its own unique take on delicious French wine and beautiful vineyard styling. Here is the breakdown of Bourdeaux's three wine valleys

The Left Bank

This area consists of several vineyards that line the left bank of the River Garonne and is also home to some of the best red wine-producing vineyards in all of France.

Some of the oldest and most beautiful vineyards can be found in the Medoc region of the left bank and visitors to this area should make sure to visit these two fantastic vineyards.

Chateau Gruaud Larose-Home to one of the oldest vintage wines of France, bottled in 1815 and also a beautiful, whitewashed chateau-style building with fantastic observation towers, a visit here will allow you to see a fantastic view of the left bank's vineyards stretching out in every direction.

Château Gruaud Larose
Château Gruaud Larose
Château Gruaud Larose, Saint-Julien-Beychevelle, France

Chateau Pichon Baron-Not only one of the most well-regarded wineries in all of Bourdeaux, Chateau Pichon Baron is also home to an impressive castle that visitors can tour, while also enjoying a taster of their fantastic wine.

Château Pichon Baron
Château Pichon Baron
Château Pichon Baron, D2, Pauillac, France

The Right Bank

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Another largely red wine dominant valley, the right bank has hundreds of vineyard regions that run along the banks of the Garonne and Dordogne rivers, a tour of this area will allow you to explore some of the most outstanding wineries of France. One of our favourite vineyards in the right bank is the amazing Château Coutet

Located just 20 minutes from the centre of Saint-Émilion, this amazing Chateau has been producing unbelievable wine for nearly 400 years and you can enjoy a glass while exploring its extensive unique gardens and hedgerow mazes.

Château Coutet
Château Coutet
Château Coutet, Coutet, Saint-Émilion, France

The Côtes

This area consists of a variety of vineyards that sit on the hills above the city of Bourdeaux and is a white and red wine-producing region. Home to beautiful villages and towns spread throughout the regions of Bourg, Fronsac and the Côtes de Bordeaux. All of these areas have amazing wineries throughout but one of the most popular is the Roc de Cambes winery.

A smaller vineyard with only 12.5 hectares of vineyards, this fantastic winery is dominated by its beautiful 17th-century chateau, however, the estate's defining feature is its fantastic view. Located on the peak of the plateau, visitors to this beautiful estate can enjoy breath-taking panoramic views of the river and the historic city of Bourdeaux while savouring a delicious food and wine pairing menu from its unique viewing tower.

Côtes-de-bordeaux-saint-macaire, France

The vineyards of Bourdeaux not only provides visitors with access to some of the most delicious red and white wines in the world, but its unique history, culture and UNESCO world heritage means you will never lack breath-taking sites and unbelievable flavours while exploring this slice of beautiful French paradise.

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