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The Outback Way is dubbed "Australia's longest shortcut" and is an unforgettable trip. Make sure you have your camera handy because you'll be passing through a variety of weather, landscapes, and Australian scenery. The Outback Way is a network of seven interconnected roads that runs from Winton, Queensland, to Alice Springs, Northern Territory, and Laverton, Western Australia. The 2,800-kilometer course runs right into the heart of Australia.

Day 1: Winton to Boulia (370km)
Your four-wheel-drive outback trip starts at Winton, Queensland, the origin of the classic Australian folk song "Waltzing Matilda." Before you leave, take a fossicking tour and dig for dinosaur fossils at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, which has Australia's largest preparation laboratory and dinosaur fossil collection.

Australian Age of Dinosaurs

Australian Age of Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Drive, ...
Day 2: Boulia to Jervois Station (470km)
Prepare to pass into the Northern Territory the next morning and stop at Jervois Station. A basic camping space is available on this working cattle station, which is excellent for a brief overnight visit. Gather firewood and set a camp under the stars.

Jervois Station

Jervois Station, Plenty NT, Australia
Day 3: Jervois Station to Alice Springs (350km)
Get up bright and early the next day and get back on the road. Travel 350 kilometers down the road to Alice Springs, a small town in Australia's heartland bursting with life and vibrancy. You'll need at least one full day to take in all of the unexpected sights and sounds that this town has to offer.
Day 4: Alice Springs
Alice Springs has a diverse choice of lodging and food options, as well as a jam-packed calendar of festivals, festivities, and oddities. Take a bush tucker trip to learn about Indigenous culture and eat emu sausage, kangaroo, wattleseed bread, quondong cake, and other traditional bush dishes, or visit the neighboring West MacDonnell Ranges for stunning gorges and waterholes.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs NT, Australia
Day 5: Alice Springs to Uluru (445km)
Continue along the sealed roadway to Australia's famed symbol, Uluru, once you've completed exploring Alice Springs (Ayers Rock). Uluru is a must-see for all tourists to the Northern Territory. Yulara is only 15 minutes away and offers a variety of lodging alternatives, including camping and 5-star resorts, as well as a selection of food options.


Uluru, Petermann NT, Australia
Day 6: Uluru & Kata Tjuta
There are several ways to see and experience Australia's spiritual core. Uluru is best viewed at sunrise or sunset, when the sun lights the rock and causes it to glow red and change color. Take a dawn or sunset camel excursion for an hour, or choose for the Camel to Sounds tour, which includes a 3-course Sounds of Silence meal under the stars. Take a Harley Davidson motorbike ride around the base of the rock, or take a scenic flight to see the sights from above. Kata Tjuta, often known as The Olgas, is home to over 36 spherical domes, the highest of which stands at 546 meters. Sunrise and sunset are the greatest times to see them since the colors are the most brilliant.

Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta, Petermann NT, Australia
Day 7: Uluru to Warburton (560km)
Continue down Australia’s longest shortcut into WA, and stay in the friendly Aboriginal community of Warburton. Be sure to visit the Tjulyuru Regional Art Gallery and pick up a unique piece of Aboriginal art from the Warta Shop.

Warburton Street

Warburton Street, Katherine NT, Australia
Day 8: Warburton to Laverton (565km)
You'll arrive at Laverton, Western Australia, for the final stage. You'll pass large salt lakes, stunning nature reserves, waterholes, caverns to explore, and natural springs to have a relaxing swim in along the way. Remember that before you reach the finish line, you'll need a permit to continue this section of the track.
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