The mind-blowing tropical island you've probably never heard about

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Lizard Island is located at the northern end of the Great Barrier Reef. It's a national park home to one incredible resort and its own research station. The island is accessible by private charter from Cairns and is worth a visit every year.

1. Find your own private beach
With 24 private beaches to choose from on this remote island, finding a spot to yourself is easy.
The resort makes it even easier, with motorised dinghies for rent. Order a picnic hamper, grab snorkelling gear, then spend your day hopping between beaches and quiet coves. Your schedule is your own here.
2. Trek to the top of Cook’s Look
Holidays might be for sleeping in late, but there's good reason to set your alarm one morning on Lizard Island. An early morning hike to the very top of the island is one of the best things to do here, and the reward is 360 degree views of the fringing reef and islands below.
Proper footwear and your camera is essential. This is certainly not a leisurely stroll, but it’s well worth the sweaty trek to the top.
(Photo by @katie_purling)
3. Discover an underwater mecca
Have you ever snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef? Whether the answer’s yes or no, send it to the top of your to-do list.
(Photo by @mycolourfulworld_)
Lizard Island is surrounded by beautiful and healthy reef systems teeming with life and colour. This is the place to get below the surface and enjoy the surreal magic of our underwater world, particularly when it’s only a stone’s throw from your bed for the night.

Lizard Island

Lizard Island, Lizard QLD, Australia
Tip: Clam Garden and Blue Lagoon are some of the island's best snorkelling spots.
4. Get views above the surface too
With waters as calm as a millpond, even the novice paddleboarder will be cruising with ease. Spring onto a SUP from the main beach and glide along waters so clear you’ll easily spot any turtles cruising around below.
All non-motorized water activities are included in your stay, so you can take your SUP for a spin whenever you fancy.
5. Make time to dine
After you’ve fueled your appetite for adventure, it’s time to feed your appetite.
The resort's chef will whip up your meal with seafood straight from the waters surrounding the island or delivered freshly from the hinterland, as you drink in the 180-degree ocean views at Salt Water Restaurant and Driftwood Bar.
(Photo by @ lizardisland) The best part? All food and drinks are included in your stay.
6. Sunsets are the best daily show
Dreamy pastel skies? Tick. Fringing reef? Tick. Turquoise ocean? Tick.
We’ve saved you a spot on the sand to view the best sunsets you’ve ever experienced. And you can see it right from Main Beach by the resort, just a short stroll from your room.
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