Sustainable France, cleaner, greener travels

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Sustainable France, cleaner, greener travels

France is protecting its many natural treasures, restoring degraded lands and steering locals and tourists alike towards more sustainable choices. It’s unsurprising the country ranked in the top 10 of Euromonitor’s Top Countries for Sustainable Travel in 2021. Best of all, the country is keeping its beaches, forests and national parks free and accessible. Here are simple ways to travel responsibly and eat your way around France.


Take the train in France

© SNCF  —  From France to Spain with High-Speed trains

© SNCF — From France to Spain with High-Speed trains

The French rail network is fast and efficient. Soak in the scenery on a tourist train from Chamonix to Vallorcine in the Alps, the Hirondelles train in Franche-Comté or the Merveilles train from Nice to Tende in the Côte d’Azur. Enjoy stunning landscapes as you travel to Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux, Normandy and elsewhere. In 2021, slower and more affordable services have become available in Nantes and Lyon.

Mountain walking

© Dominique VIET - CRT Occitanie  —  On the Way of Saint James Santiago de Compostela in Occitania Aveyron Conques

© Dominique VIET - CRT Occitanie — On the Way of Saint James Santiago de Compostela in Occitania Aveyron Conques

France’s walking trails span around 60,000 km. And there’s no natural high quite like walking in the mountains, breathing pristine air and viewing phenomenal panoramas. The Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle (The Way of Saint James or Santiago de Compostela) and the Tour of Mont Blanc are two famous trails that will allow you to discover the Pyrenees and the Alps respectively.

Chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle
Chemin de St Jacques de Compostelle, 42220 Saint-Sauveur-en-Rue, France

Swim by the Pavillon Bleu

© Julien Gazeau-Vendée Expansion

© Julien Gazeau-Vendée Expansion

In 2021 over 500 beaches and marinas across France received the Pavillon Bleu (Blue Flag) classification. For beaches, this promises safe swimming, environmentally friendly facilities and responsible rubbish management. For marinas? Clean water, limits on motorised vehicles and robust waste treatment. Occitania, Provence-Alpes- Côte d’Azur and Pays de la Loire are the highest ranking regions.

Hôtel Rest. Le Pavillon Bleu
1 Rte de Dreux, 78190 Trappes, France

Bienvenue a la Ferme



With tasty cheeses, fruits and cured meats in abundance, picnicking is always a good idea in France. Buy direct from the farmer at one of 720 farmers’ markets around France. You can also visit, eat and stay at thousands of farms to support the farmers while enjoying an authentic holiday experience in France.

Gastronomy in Green in France

© Copyright Visit Monaco  —  Condamine Market

© Copyright Visit Monaco — Condamine Market

COSTA Monaco (Condamine Market)
Marché de la Condamine, Pl. d'Armes, 98000 Monaco

In 2020 the Michelin Guide added a new category, a green star for ‘Sustainable Gastronomy’ to encourage eco-responsibility. The green star not only incorporates ingredients’ origins, but also waste management and energy usage. In 2021, 33 restaurants featured, including La Maison d’à Côté, in the Loire Valley, ONA vegan restaurant near the Arcachon basin and Prairial restaurant in Lyon.

Nature preserves

© Emmanuel BERTHIER - Morbihan-tourisme

© Emmanuel BERTHIER - Morbihan-tourisme

France has 5,500 ‘Protected Areas’ ensuring biodiversity and landscape conservation. The label'Grands Sites de France’ is awarded to places with successful rehabilitation programmes and services to tourists which benefit local economic and social development. Parc National de Forêts near Dijon is the newest, with 50 million trees, and encompassing 95 towns committed to eco-tourism and forestry research.

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