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Ruby Nguyen ·4 months ago
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Coffee hopping never gets old – regardless of where you are. But there’s one city that is known for its coffee and coffee-hopping culture – Seoul. The entire city is filled with different types of coffee concepts, from cute, elegant to vintage, industry, and modern cafés that you should find space for in your itinerary. During the time I was in Seoul, I used the application named MANGO and tried all the top-rated coffee shops there. They're not only selling coffee but also bakery and dessert which amazing taste as well as their coffee.


A very very long line of people line up here, Korean seems crazy with this Japanese coffee brand :D you need patient if you want to try this coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee Samcheong Hanok

40-3 Samcheong-ro 2-gil, Samcheong-dong, Jong...

This coffee store is a whole mansion with cool stuff, souvenirs, and fresh-baked every day. Quite noisy and small space for each table. But the coffee is great

Fritz Coffee Company, Dohwa

17 Saechang-ro 2-gil, Dohwa-dong, Mapo-gu, Se...

Identity Coffee Lab

41 Mangwon-ro 11-gil, Mangwon 2(i)-dong, Mapo...

This is my top favorite coffee store; they use Slayer coffee machine, which gives an amazing taste. All the decoration in white and the architecture of their small store is so elegant. The location is hard to find, and only local people come here. Definitely come back next time

Cafe Nap Roasters

South Korea, Seoul, Yeonnam-dong, 453-32 마포구 ...

I came here for a bagel <3 I have never tried fresh-baked bagel with cream cheese good as FOURB.


South Korea, Seoul, Jung-gu, Myeong-dong, Che...

Amazing garden view inside an art complex building (bookstore, hand-craft, and coffee shop)


14 Eonju-ro 148-gil, Nonhyeon 2(i)-dong, Gang...

Popular for tourists because of the location near Gyeongbokgung. A long queue but I was disappointed a bit with their quality

Cafe Onion Anguk

South Korea, Seoul, Jongno-gu, Gahoe-dong, 계동...
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