Rang Rang Café, a glass box in Thao Dien peninsula

Few people know that humans have been applying glass to man-made structures since the 14th century by making it in the style of "crown glass". By the time technology of glassmaking was rudimentary, the British created mirrors by pouring liquid glass from the top onto a steel plate.

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Rang Rang Café, a glass box in Thao Dien peninsula

As the plate rotates, the centrifugal force causes the molten glass to thin out into pieces with convex surfaces, hence forming a crown-shaped pattern. Thanks to the rapid industrial development of the 20th century, 90% of all glass in use today is made by spreading glass thinly over the molten tin pool, creating its double smooth surfaces.

The first building completely covered with glass was the crystal building built on Hyde Park, England in 1850, used as an exhibition space. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire in 1936. The modern building that later used glass as the façade was the Boley Garment Company, Kansas City (190ß9), and soon after the Hallidie Building, San Francisco was also used glass as a building material in 1918.

Enough with historical stories, in recent years, the glass-clad four-sided style has been commonly applied, starting with none other than the Apple Store - Fifth Avenue, New York. Rang Rang roastery Thao Dien, which has just opened 1 month ago in Thao Dien ward created a check-in trend among young Saigon residents because of its impressive architecture, which resemblances Apple Store.

The main colour palette is greyish-white, combined with many metal details at the barista counter and its bare concrete columns. This tone creates a clean, elegant feeling under the sun. The wooden tables in the restaurant also match the colour tone, exalting the open space filled with light pouring in from the outside.

Rang Rang's drinks are considered delicious, quality, whose coffee is selected through many stages. Although scoring points in the visual part, I find the roastery is crowded at noon, it can get hot during the day. So it is advisable to go in the afternoon.

Considering the temperature during the day and the number of visitors coming for their Instagram, coffee heads who need quiet when working would find it much better to choose Rang Rang branch on Diamond Island.

Rang Rang Coffee
Rang Rang Coffee, Đường Thảo Điền, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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