Discovering Da Lat: Unforgettable Café Experiences

Pham Viet Quan  (范越君)Pham Viet Quan (范越君)17 days ago
Discovering Da Lat: Unforgettable Café Experiences

As I flipped through the opening pages of "The Devil Wears Prada," I couldn't shake the impression that Southeast Asia remained a popular and budget-friendly destination for many college graduates in the United States. Two decades have passed since the book's publication, yet this perception still rings true, even if the $10 budgets mentioned may need to adjust for inflation – likely double today. Embarking on my own Southeast Asia adventure, I've chosen to begin in Vietnam, where I currently reside, drawn by its magnificent mountains and pristine beaches. Da Lat, with its delightful climate and charming coffee shops, promises a truly unique and memorable experience to savor.

Là Việt Cofee

Là Việt Coffee Đà Lạt (04 Trần Quý Cáp)
4 Đ. Trần Quý Cáp, Phường 9, Thành phố Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam

For those unacquainted with Vietnamese coffee culture, La Viet stands as the epitome of every office worker's caffeine fix in Da Lat and Saigon. Its flavor embodies the perfect fusion of internationally renowned Arabica and the robust, earthy notes of traditional Vietnamese robusta. The consistency of La Viet's taste and brand identity is truly remarkable, leaving one to marvel at how they achieve such mastery.

The Da Lat branch, boasting two locations, is meticulously crafted around the heritage and essence of the city itself—a Vietnamese modernist mansion from the Republic era. It encapsulates the spirit of Da Lat: clean, upscale, modern, and invitingly cozy. An absolute must-visit to savor a cup of their exceptional coffee.

Reply1994 Coffee shop

Reply1994 Dalat
WFRM+CC8, Phường 11, Thành phố Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam

As twilight descends, you find yourself pondering where the local youth gather to unwind and revel in the ambiance of Da Lat. It's charming wooden cabin cafes like this one that exude the city's allure. While the concept is appealing, there's a sense of overexertion in its attempt to embody a rustic charm. Simplifying the décor, eschewing excessive flowers, and opting for softer lighting would enhance the cozy atmosphere without feeling contrived.

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