Discover Darwin's military history

Darwin has a long and illustrious military history in Australia. Darwin, which was the target of Japanese air raids in February 1942, received more bombs than Pearl Harbor. The Top End has been and continues to be a major base for Australian and American forces. In our city, there is a lot to study and understand about military history.

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Discover Darwin's military history

First stop: Darwin Military Museum

The Darwin Military Museum is situated on the beautiful East Point, with views of the Beagle Gulf. There are additional WWII fortifications, military vehicles, and heavier artillery pieces in this heritage-listed region. The museum, which covers the years 1932 to 1945, concentrates on Darwin's role in World War II.

Darwin Military Museum
Darwin Military Museum, Alec Fong Lim Drive, East Point NT, Australia

Discover the Defence of Darwin Experience

The Defence of Darwin Experience is Australia's first facility to offer visitors an immersive, interactive, multimedia experience that extends beyond the museum's physical boundaries. In this interactive presentation, you can immerse yourself in the drama of the Japanese bombing of Darwin as it happened. Hear from the men and women who survived the attack, and watch a short video made from actual footage from the 75-year-old incident.

Have lunch at the Darwin Waterfront

Lime Cafe at the Darwin Waterfront has something for everyone, whether you're searching for a full meal or a quick bite to eat. All meals are prepared fresh in-house, and you can dine with a view of the Darwin Waterfront during your lunch.

Lime Cafe
Lime Cafe, Kitchener Drive, Darwin City NT, Australia

Experience the RFDS facility on the historic Stokes Hill Wharf

Stokes Hill Wharf has a long and illustrious history. After being substantially damaged in a Japanese bombing raid on February 19, 1942, it was rebuilt and utilized in the 2008 film Australia. The Wharf is still in use today for smaller vessels. The Royal Flying Doctor Service Darwin Tourist Facility is located at the beginning of the dock. This remarkable building employs cutting-edge technology to allow visitors to recreate the drama of the Darwin Harbour Bombing. This facility and what you can learn will astound you, with life-size holograms, interactive narrative ghosts, virtual reality creation, and full-size replicas.

RFDS Darwin Tourist Facility
RFDS Darwin Tourist Facility, Stokes Hill Road, Darwin City NT, Australia

Explore the WWII oil tunnels

The WWII Oil Tunnels, buried beneath the cliffs of Darwin City, are open to the public for exploration trips. It's possible to literally bury yourself in history here. For a self-guided tour of the tunnels, read the interpretive boards and look at the numerous artifacts on show.

WWII Oil Storage Tunnels
WWII Oil Storage Tunnels, Darwin Waterfront Precinct, Kitchener Drive, Darwin City NT, Australia

Get around easily

Take the hop-on-hop-off Darwin Bus Tour to explore all of Darwin's military history and to travel around in a different way. Take the Darwin History and Wartime Experience or the Darwin Bombing Tour if you want a tour focused solely on military history.

The Darwin History and Wartime Experience
The Darwin History and Wartime Experience, Smith Street, Darwin City NT, Australia

See more with the Heritage Link Attraction Pass

Explore Darwin and its surroundings on a trail of interactive experiences and view the remarkable collection of military history. The Heritage Link Attractions Pass provides discounted admission to four intriguing heritage and history attractions. Take a guided tour of the Myilly Point Precinct and see the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Darwin Military Museum, and Darwin Aviation Museum.

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