Amazing Vietnamese Restaurants in Sydney, New South Wales

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Jackson Cung ·4 months ago
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When coming to Sydney, if you're looking for Vietnamese food, please refer to the top Vietnamese restaurants right here. All will bring you many great culinary experiences because of pho and many attractive dishes, suitable for Vietnamese taste.

Pho An Restaurant – Bankstown
The specialty of An Restaurant is the professional and fast service, besides meeting all the requirements of customers such as adding chicken cartilage, chicken heart or liver when ordering pho, etc. Pho alone here also has up to 15 Different types with many delicious flavors that are hard to resist.
THY – Bankstown
Here is a collection of Vietnamese street snacks not to be missed with many typical regional flavors. These include banh cuon, banh xeo, vermicelli, wet cake, shrimp meat, etc. Of course, all kinds of snacks in this region are full of spices and served with raw vegetables to create a bold Vietnamese flavor.
Great Aunty Three – Enmore
Great Aunty Three is considered to be the best place to sell Vietnamese bread in Sydney with the filling of large sliced ​​pork, coriander, pickles with homemade sauce. In addition, diners can also add roasted duck and watercress to have a delicious breakfast.

Great Aunty Three

Great Aunty Three, Enmore Road, Enmore NSW, A...
Bau Truong – Marrickville and Cabramatta
At this place, the food is not only delicious, but the decoration is also strange and delicate. Of course, when you come here, you can find any Vietnamese food from broken rice with ribs to banh chung, salad with lotus root, shrimp and meat, etc. You can find even the most difficult dishes to find at Bau Truong.

Bau Truong

Bau Truong, John Street, Cabramatta NSW, Aust...
Pho Tau Bay – Cabramatta
For Vietnamese in Sydney, Pho Tau Bay is the best pho restaurant as it has also been around for 20 years. Looking at this shop, people will immediately see the oldness in each table or chair. In particular, the taste of pho is also quite unique when the broth is rich and has its own harmonious taste. But to enjoy pho here, you have to wait a long time because the restaurant is quite crowded, so when eating, you need to avoid coming during peak hours.

Pho Tau Bay

Pho Tau Bay, John Street, Cabramatta NSW, Aus...
Pho PHD Vietnamese – Marrickville
Coming to this place, you can enjoy pho with tender beef pieces, a broth with many onions, and the restaurant's signature variation is to sprinkle peanuts on top. You can also eat it with cucumber and grilled beef to bring out the unique flavor of this pho.

Pho Phd Vietnamese Restaurant

Pho Phd Vietnamese Restaurant, Marrickville R...
Thanh Binh – Newtown and Cabramatta
The typical dishes in Thanh Binh are spring rolls, grilled spring rolls, etc. The main reason is that they are made at home, so they are thicker than in other places. Thanh Binh's owner is also the famous Vietnamese chef Dan Hong who has trained many chefs at two famous restaurants Ms. G's and El Loco.
Hai Au Grilling Village – Canley Vale
True to its name, Hai Au barbecue village is a place dedicated to people who love grilled dishes, from grilled birds, grilled beef, pork skewers, etc. Not to mention, there are also strange barbecue dishes such as crocodiles. Grilled, charcoal-grilled deer are processed right at the table. Besides, this place also has accompanying snacks such as banh hoi, spring rolls, fried rice to serve many diners with many different tastes.

Hai Au Lang Nuong

Hai Au Lang Nuong, Canley Vale Road, Canley V...
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