Amazing beaches to get naked in Western Australia

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Amazing beaches to get naked in Western Australia

Because tan lines are the devil and it's time to embrace your flesh.

If you’re a newcomer to the nudist beach, don’t fret. Those already on the sand aren’t going to form a circle and slow-clap as you disrobe, not to mention enter some tribal phase where there is pointing and yelling.

It’s a lot more chilled here and that’s something to keep in mind; be respectful.

Here is the list of the best nude beaches in Western Australia.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is an immense, broad beach that begins in Broome and extends northward, and altogether it is more than 22 kilometers long. A small rocky outcropping located just north of the large beach parking lot is an important divider. The beach on the south side of the rocks, which is over 5 kilometers long, is textile, and vehicles are not allowed on that part of the beach. The much longer segment of beach on the north side of the rocks is open to four-wheel drivers, and that part of the beach is considered clothing optional. Getting to the nude beach is pretty straightforward. From the far end of the large Cable Beach parking lot, a paved road and an adjacent brick walkway lead a short distance to the beach. The road is the access ramp for four-wheel-drive vehicles. As you near the beach and are facing the water, you will see the previously mentioned rocky land mass to your immediate right (north). If you are on foot, you can hike over the rocks or skirt around them. If you are driving, just follow the sign that directs all vehicles to proceed to the other side of the rocks. Note that is not possible to drive around the rocks at high tide (but there are other access tracks through the dunes farther north that connect to minor unpaved roads on the north side of Broome should you get trapped by the tide).

Cable Beach
Cable Beach WA 6726, Australia

North Swanbourne Beach

Swanbourne is a coastal suburb of Perth, which is the capital and by far the largest city in Western Australia. The northern end of Swanbourne's beach abuts a military base called Campbell Barracks (lightly shaded in orange), and this part of the beach has a nudity tradition that dates back many decades. While there are a number of nude beaches in the vast state of Western Australia, North Swanbourne is by far the the most popular since it is most accessible to a large concentration of people.

Swanbourne Beach has relatively gentle surf, which makes it good for swimming, but not good for surfing. During the high season, the beach is patrolled by the Swanbourne-Nedlands Surf Life Saving Club. The beach is west-facing. In Perth, Swanbourne Beach is known as a nudist beach, You don't have to be beautiful, just turn up and shed your clothes

Swanbourne Beach
Swanbourne Beach, Western Australia, Australia

Warnbro Beach, Rockingham

Warnbro is an outlying coastal suburb of Perth that is about 52 kilometers south of the city center, and part of the southern end of Warnbro's beach is officially designated for nude use. The nude portion of the beach is backed by a large golf course, which acts as a buffer zone of sorts between the beach and the nearby residences. The south end of Warnbro has been designated for nude use since 1988, making it the only nude beach in the metro Perth area that has an unambiguously legal clothing-optional status. However, Warnbro is second in popularity to North Swanbourne Beach, which is an unofficial but well-established nude beach much close to central Perth.

Warnbro Beach
Warnbro Beach, Safety Bay WA 6169, Australia

Mindalong Beach, Bunbury

About 170 kilometers south of Perth, Bunbury is the third largest population center in Western Australia, with close to 70,000 people in the town and the surrounding suburbs. Mindalong Beach is the beach on the south end of Bunbury that is backed by the Maidens Reserve, a wildlife preserve and nature park. A small segment of Mindalong Beach has been officially designated for nude use since 1998. The nude part of the beach, which is just 200 meters long, is just south of the main coastal development of Bunbury, at the far northern end of the reserve. The beach is easy to access and has a designated parking lot. Follow the path that leaves from the south end of the parking lot and you will quickly reach a fork. Keep to the right, going through the dunes to the beach. Facing the ocean, turn left and walk south. Very shortly you will reach the start of the nude area, which is signed at both ends. In all, it takes just a couple of minutes to get to the nude beach from the parking lot, and it also takes just a couple of minutes to walk through the designated nude area, which is roughly indicated by the area lightly shaded in red.

Mindalong Beach
Mindalong Beach, Ocean Dr, South Bunbury WA 6230, Australia

Mauritius Beach, Exmouth

North West Cape is a prominent peninsula in the northwestern part of Western Australia that juts northward into the ocean, extending roughly 75 kilometers. The only town on North West Cape is Exmouth, which is located on the eastern side of the peninsula next to Exmouth Gulf, which is the large body of water that separates the peninsula from the rest of the mainland. Exmouth is a town of fewer than 2,000 residents that is the only town anywhere for seemingly endless miles. To understand how almost unfathomably remote Exmouth is, it helps to know that you'd have to go south more than 350 kilometers or east more that 500 kilometers to reach another town of comparable size. Most of the western side of North West Cape is part of Cape Range National Park, and a prominent feature of the western side of the peninsula is the Ningaloo Reef, a coral reef that begins near the northern tip of the peninsula and extends southward more than 250 kilometers (well beyond the southern end of the peninsula).

Mauritius Beach
Yardie Creek Rd, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia

East Pretty Pool, Port Hedland

Port Hedland is a town in the far north of Western Australia. The cluster of towns that includes Port Hedland and nearby South Hedland has a combined population of about 14,000, making it one of just a few population centers in this remote part of Australia. On the east end of Port Hedland, about 8 kilometers from the town center, Pretty Pool Beach is a stretch of beach defined by tidal creeks at both ends. The main expanse of the beach is just over one kilometer long, and the east end of this expanse is officially sanctioned as clothing optional, having attained that status in 2001. The path to the beach is straight ahead as you enter the parking lot. You will be angling northeast through the dunes before arriving at the central part of the beach. Facing the water, turn to the right and continue east a short distance to the sign marking the nude area. The total walk is about 750 meters. The beach is quite expansive, and the water recedes a few hundred meters at low tide. There are no amenities except toilets located at the parking lot. Port Hedland is a major port, serving the nearby inland iron ore mines. However, it is not really a major center of tourism. That fact, combined with its remoteness, explains why its nude beach remains quite obscure despite its legal status. Attendance is rather sparse since there just aren't a lot of people in this area. The next closest nude beaches on either side of Port Hedland are a bit more known to tourists. (That is to say, the nude beach that is 600 kilometers to the east, or the one that is 800 kilometers to the west. This part of the world is vast and nearly empty.)

Pretty Pool Park
34 Matheson Dr, Port Hedland WA 6721, Australia

Ten Mile Lagoon, Esperance

Esperance is a remote town located roughly halfway along the southern border of Western Austrlalia, about 720 kilometers east-southeast of Perth and 920 kilometers west of the border with South Australia. Twilight Beach Road is a dramatic coastal road that begins at the southwest end of Esperance and goes west about 18 kilometers before turning inland. It is essentially just a tourist drive since it does not connect to any towns. Going west along Twilight Beach Road, you'll first reach Twilight Beach, which is the most popular beach along the road and the only one equipped with restrooms and showers. Continuing west, you'll reach a dramatic scenic overlook called Observatory Point. After that, there are three beaches that blend into one another: Nine Mile Beach, Ten Mile Lagoon Beach and Eleven Mile Beach. (It should be noted that the names of these beaches have nothing to do with actual length. None of them are even close to being nine, ten or eleven miles long.) Ten Mile Lagoon, which is actually about 2.5 kilometers long, is created by a small reef just offshore that creates a protected swimming area (although swimming anywhere along this stretch of coastline should be approached with caution). The lagoon itself is roughly indicated by the area shaded lightly in orange. Part of the stretch of coastline along Twilight Beach Road has been officially designed for nude bathing since 1983. The nude beach begins near the west end of Ten Mile Lagoon and extends westward toward Eleven Mile Beach. The nude beach is most quickly accessed from the parking lot that is closest to the inland turnoff toward the Ten Mile Lagoon Wind Farm. From there, a path goes downhill to the beach. Facing the ocean, turn right and walk west just 100 meters and you'll reach the beginning of the nude area. It is not clear how far west the nude area extends, but the next beach access (not counting rough four-wheel-drive tracks) is over 1.5 kilometers away. You may encounter signs in the parking lot and/or on the beach itself indicating that nude bathing is permitted. The Ten Mile Lagoon nude beach is lightly visited. You are not likely to encounter more than a few nudists, and you may have the beach to yourself, but this is an especially beautiful place to enjoy naked solitude.

Ten Mile Lagoon
Dalyup WA 6450, Australia

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