A day spent in Padua - Italy

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A day spent in Padua - Italy

Padua ( Padova in Italian) is 40km from Venice. It is a great destination after visiting Venice. The trains are regularly run from Venice to Padua, the trip usually last 20 minutes on express train and 40 minutes on regulars. The city is full with students, restaurants and cafes. Padua used to be a hub where the Italian intelligentsia met at the cafe. It is surely a place where visitors can’t miss when in Italy.

Train from Venice and nagivation in the city

Trains regularly run from Venice to Padua. The tickets are 4.5€ one way. You don't have to speak Italian to be able to purchase the them. The tickets are sold from the ticket machine in the train station (English available) or sold on the app Omio. When you reach the city on the train, walk to the entrance. You'll see a street in front of the entrance, keep walk on that street to get to the city center.

City center, the market and the cafés

Padova is reputated for its long lasting tradition as a city of higher education since the Middle Ages with one of the first university in Europe. Because of that, there are so many things you can try, like drink aperol ( an Italian appertizer drink), eating pizzas, trying street food.

The market in the center is one place you absolutely have to go to and try the Italian way of buying produce. There are stalls selling traditional italian torrone, a type of nougat confection, typically made of honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds or other nuts.

Piaaza delle Erbe is tha name of the squares where farmers from the surrounding area come to sell goods. It is a fantastical experience to do when in Padua. There are so many Italian food sold at this place that no where in the world can replicate the exact same feeling.

Piazza delle Erbe
Piazza delle Erbe, Padova PD, Italy

The cafes are also near the market place. You can try the Caffè Pedrocchi, this is the place where many Italian found father met when Italy was still a land with saparated kingdoms.

Pedrocchi Café
Via VIII Febbraio, 15, 35122 Padova PD, Italy

What to see?

Padua has been of of the odest cities in Italy, so you won't be disapointed of its depth of history when you walk on the alleys in the center. Despite its small area when compared to other cities in the North of Italy like Bologna or Milan, Padua is not short of cultural landmarks. You'll find museum, galleries, botanical gardens and palaces all bridging from Gothic architecture to modern architecture.

Places to visit:

Scrovegni Chapel
Piazza Eremitani, 8, 35121 Padova PD, Italy

The Basilica of St. Anthony
Piazza del Santo, 11, 35123 Padova PD, Italy

Museo del Risorgimento
Piazzetta Cappellato Pedrocchi, 35122 Padova PD, Italy
Musei Civici Eremitani
Piazza Eremitani, 8, 35121 Padova PD, Italy
Piazza Duomo
Piazza Duomo, Padova PD, Italy

Oratory of Saint Giorgio
Piazza del Santo, 35123 Padova PD, Italy

University of Padua Botanical Garden
Via Orto Botanico, 15, 35123 Padova PD, Italy

Palazzo Bo
Via VIII Febbraio, 2, 35122 Padova PD, Italy

Ragione Palace
Piazza delle Erbe, 35100 Padova PD, Italy

Palazzo Zuckermann
Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 33, 35122 Padova PD, Italy

Finally, where to eat ??

Well, practically every places you find around the Piazza delle Erbe is worth your time. Unlike Venice, Padua is a city where Italians actually live. So whereever you find in the center is the actual restaurants of real Italian food. Here are some suggestions:

Osteria dei Fabbri
Via dei Fabbri, 13, 35122 Padova PD, Italy

Belle Parti
Via Belle Parti, 11, 35139 Padova PD, Italy

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