7 Virtual Tours of Texas

"Texas is a state of mind," John Steinbeck reportedly stated. It's a sentence that rings true now more than ever, with all of us staying secure at home. While you may not be able to visit Texas right now, you can keep the Texas spirit alive by bringing a bit of the state into your house with these virtual tours. They're a terrific method to get ready for your next trip to Texas when the time comes.

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7 Virtual Tours of Texas

Livestream Austin Concerts and Events

When you can webcast concerts, live music doesn't have to end. Enjoy these daily, weekly, and special event concerts by Austin artists and musicians—including archive broadcasts from ACL Live TV—in your living room, the newest venue in The Live Music Capital of the World.

Explore the George W. Bush Presidential Library

The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, located on the SMU campus in Dallas, provides an in-depth look into our 43rd president—even from the comfort of your own sofa. From this historic presidency, see photo and video galleries, flip books, 360° artifact photos, and more.

George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum
George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, George Bush Drive West, College Station, TX, USA

View the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

View more than 75 works of renowned and moving modern art from The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth's collection. Oil paintings, photography, and sculpture are among the works on display, which span the modern art era.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Darnell Street, Fort Worth, TX, USA

Explore Space Center Houston

By downloading their unique mobile app experience, you may explore Space Center Houston as if you were actually there. The app includes virtual tours, photographs, movies, audio, and 360° content to stimulate STEM learning and is available in different languages to inspire many young minds.

Space Center Houston
Space Center Houston, East Nasa Parkway, Houston, TX, USA

Remember The Alamo

Take a virtual tour of The Alamo, one of Texas' most historic sites. In 1836, this UNESCO world heritage landmark was used as a rallying cry for Texas independence. In a panoramic 360° view, explore the many diverse aspects of this iconic Texas landmark.

Tour the Texas State Aquarium

At the Texas State Aquarium, you may learn about the undersea wonders and sea life of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The Aquarium is currently delivering free distance learning programs that are streamed live (as well as recorded), allowing viewers to explore a selection of daily lessons as well as other at-home activities.

Texas State Aquarium
Texas State Aquarium, North Shoreline Boulevard, Corpus Christi, TX, USA

Visit The Rainforest at Moody Gardens

The Rainforest Pyramid in Moody Gardens, located on the Gulf Coast in Galveston, offers a wealth of plant and animal life. Exhibits include rainforests from Africa, Asia, and South America.

Moody Gardens
Moody Gardens, Hope Boulevard, Galveston, TX, USA
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