4 day adventurous outback journey

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4 day adventurous outback journey

An outback getaway to the Red Centre, where the spaces are enormous, the colors are next-level, and the opportunity to challenge oneself are unlimited, screams adventure. It is possible to plan a journey that you will remember for the rest of your life.

This is what a Red Centre adventure looks like

This plan crams a lot of amazing events into four days of excitement. You'll ride camels around Uluru, jump out of planes in the middle of nowhere, mountain bike and quad bike, and do a lot more. So buckle up... you're in for a wild and unforgettable adventure.

Day 1

Check in to the Red Centre

The closest settlement to Uluru is Yulara, where your early flight lands. You've got a long day ahead of you, so travel straight to your hotel and check in at the luxurious Desert Gardens Hotel. You might be tempted to kick back and relax here, with fantastic views of Uluru... but this is an adventure holiday, after all. So be ready for a once-in-a-lifetime afternoon by grabbing a scrumptious lunch at the hotel's Mangata Bistro.

Desert Gardens Hotel - Ayers Rock Resort
1 Yulara Dr, Yulara NT 0872, Australia

Take to the skies

If you're up for it, your first adventure awaits. Sky Dive Uluru is the region's top skydiving destination, offering tandem skydives over some of Australia's most spectacular scenery. You may take in the vistas of Uluru and Kata-Tjuta, as well as lesser-known sites like Lake Amadeus and Mt Connor, once the excitement of the freefall has subsided and your parachute has opened.

If jumping out of a plane isn't your thing, try a beautiful flight over Kata Tjuta and Uluru instead. You can get the same amazing views from your window seat without the heart-stopping excitement of a freefall.

Kata Tjuta / Mount Olga
Kata Tjuta / Mount Olga, Petermann NT 0872, Australia

Climb aboard a camel

It's time to return to earth after your high-flying excursion. For a memorable Uluru Sunset Camel Ride, climb aboard a camel. You'll be riding your curious camel through the lush crimson sands in this dromedary adventure. It's the ideal vantage point from which to witness Uluru and Kata Tjuta revel in the changing light and colors as the sun sets.

Visit an incredible field of light

Your next delight awaits you as darkness falls over the Red Centre. British artist Bruce Munro's Field of Light is a world-renowned art installation. The installation is set on a red dirt canvas in the world's most stunning outdoor gallery, with a dazzling star-studded sky as the roof. Take in this amazing sight while being mesmerized by the gently swaying orbs of light.

Field of Light Uluru
177 Yulara Dr, Yulara NT 0872, Australia

Day 2

Outback road-tripping

Early risers can enjoy a magnificent dawn from one of the resort's many vantage points. After that, get some breakfast and a cup of strong coffee. You're about to go on a journey. The trip this morning will take you away from Uluru and into Kings Canyon. The trip, which is entirely on bitumen, brings you through typical red-dirt country, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your air-conditioned vehicle.

Kings Canyon
Petermann NT 0872, Australia

Check in at Kings Canyon Resort

The Kings Canyon Resort is where you'll be spending the night. This location is wonderful. Imagine a magnificent resort snuggled in alongside one of the Red Centre's most popular attractions, where your every need is met. Kings Canyon was formed over 400 million years and rises 270 meters above sea level, with sections of the canyon plunging into the lush Garden of Eden.

Discovery Kings Canyon
Luritja Rd, Petermann NT 0872, Australia

Lace up for the Kings Canyon rim walk

The Kings Canyon Rim Walk is a 6-kilometer journey that takes you up and around the canyon's ancient environment. After tackling the 500 steep steps at the start of the trek, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking vistas that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Continue around the rim or descend into the Garden of Eden, a wonderful location where rainforest plants flourish in this parched environment. You'll need plenty of water and your camera, so bring both.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk
Kings Canyon Access, Petermann NT 0872, Australia

Day 3

Hit the road, destination Alice Springs

It's time to get back in the car for the five-hour trip to Alice Springs after soaking in an outback sunrise. Along the journey, expect more of that mind-blowing red desert environment — turn up the music and enjoy the ride.

Alice Springs
Alice Springs NT, Australia

Unwind on a mountain bike

Grab a snack and head to your Outback Cycling mountain bike trip when you arrive in the heart of the Red Centre. This three-hour journey is ideal for unwinding after a long day in the car. As you slice through the terrain, float along the single-track under a blanket of stars and feel the crisp breeze.

Alice Springs
Alice Springs NT, Australia

Feast up following the day’s adventures

Tonight's meal will be at the famed Saltbush Restaurant. You've probably built up quite an appetite after your mountain bike trip today. Choose from a delightful array of fresh vegetables and Australian bush food, then retire to your DoubleTree by Hilton accommodation after supper. Given everything you've accomplished today, you're in for a restful night's sleep.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Alice Springs
82 Barrett Dr, Alice Springs NT 0870, Australia

Day 4

Rise gently into the skies

On an Outback Ballooning experience, you'll get an early start in the Red Centre this morning as you take in the dawn from the skies. Watch the colors shift across the desert, sight red kangaroos and other wildlife, and realize how isolated you are as you fly gently across the sky. Following your spectacular excursion, treat yourself to muffins, banana bread, carrot cake, cheese and biscuits, sparkling wine, and fruit juice, all served in a remote woodland setting.

Explore the Finke River on a Can-am ATV

With four wheels beneath your seat and red dirt kicking up behind you, experience the outback. Travel through the Finke Gorge National Park in the Northern Territory on a Can-am ATV with Finke River Adventures. Experience Central Australia's adventure, culture, and history, as well as its rugged beauty.

Finke River
Finke River, Northern Territory 0872, Australia

See you again, Alice

It's time to bid Alice Springs farewell and board your journey home. Consider the fantastic adventures you've experienced in the last four days as you take off. Consider this: you've only touched the surface of the Red Centre and Northern Territory's attractions.

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