3 Day Queensland Itinerary

Queensland is popular for several things, its pristine beaches, tropical islands, and national parks being a few of them. Not only do the local Aussies love the region (which results in a high population), but also do international visitors. This explains why the state is often regarded as perhaps the best in all of Australia. And although one would need months to explore it properly, you can get a fair idea of its offerings in a short, three-day itinerary. If you are wondering how that may be possible, I have compiled a complete three-day itinerary guide for your convenience.

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3 Day Queensland Itinerary

Day 1

Larder & Baked

The perfect way to begin your fun-packed three-day Queensland itinerary is to have an early morning breakfast at Larder & Baked. Get set on the right track from the very beginning, for this eatery is going to give you a taste of what lies ahead for you. The first bite of its classic soft-egg omelet-filled and Voodoo Bacon-surrounded crusty baguette will force you to exclaim mamma mia! The dish is accompanied by onion marmalade and cheddar cheese, with a side of delicious BBQ sauce, which make it the best breakfast meal ever. You can wash your breakfast down with an assortment of HRVST juices, smoothies, or coffees of your choice. Happy nourishment!

Larder and Baked
Larder and Baked, Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Heads QLD, Australia

Coastal Walk at the Noosa National Park

The highlight of Noosa is its National Park, which exposes you to the coastal city's natural and wilder side. And one of the best ways to explore Noosa National Park's many offerings is to follow its coastal walk. Grab and map from the information booth and a refreshing beverage for your way and start your walk. All you have to take care of is to have the ocean by your left, and you will naturally remain on the right track. Try to spot uber-cute koalas, beautiful pandanus, banksia, and eucalyptus trees, and pretty beaches along your way.

Noosa National Park
Noosa National Park, Palm Grove Circuit, Noosa Heads QLD, Australia

Tea Tree Bay

As you continue your coastal walk, you will reach Tea Tree Bay, one of the park's most scenic beaches. This site is an excellent place for you to stop for a small picnic break and enjoy peaceful moments of sheer relaxation. Gorge upon the tasty food you have packed with you. And when you are done, lie down on the beautiful and soft golden sand facing stunning turquoise waters. The beach is not heavily populated by visitors so that you can enjoy moments of peace. If you are feeling energetic and adventurous, you would also love the Bay's surfing opportunities. Ride fast, clean waves of the ocean and feel your every muscle come to life.

Tea Tree Bay
Tea Tree Bay, Queensland, Australia

Dolphin Point

A bit further along your coastal walk in the park, you will come across Dolphin Point, an excellent destination to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and possible sightings of whales, turtles, and dolphins. People claim that they can hear whales beneath the water surface. See if you can catch any sounds! These are some very powerful sights, so you should definitely make a point to pause here.

Dolphin Point Lookout
Dolphin Point Lookout, Coastal Walk, Noosa Heads QLD, Australia

Sum Yung Guys

After you have completed your walk, you will understandably be quite exhausted. Freshen up with a delightful lunchtime meal at Sum Yung Guys, a fun, casual dining space, which offers excellent Asian cuisine. The vibes are distinctly Asian, and you would feel like you have been transported through space to Asia. Dine on the restaurant's special Sum Choi Bao, a delicious dish constituting pork, roasted rice, chili jam, and peanut.

Sum Yung Guys Restaurant
Sum Yung Guys Restaurant, Weyba Road, Noosaville QLD, Australia


You would love to spend a couple of hours at Noosaville, the perfect place to experience the gorgeous Noosa River. Although this spot is popular with families as a day-trip destination, where they can stroll, bike, play, and jog along the river, it is also great for anyone looking to spend some exciting sports time. Paddleboarding, kayaking, ad boating are a few of the most popular watersports here, and you would love to participate in them. If sports are not your cup of tea, you can board the Noosa Ferry to experience the river more closely.

Noosaville QLD, Australia

Day 2

Pawpaw Cafe

Having spent the night in Noosa Heads and traveled to Brisbane early in the morning, it is now time for you to enjoy some refreshing and energetic breakfast. Treat yourself to some delicious go-to dishes available at the Pawpaw café, like croissant eggs benedict and piling bacon. Chefs at Pawpaw know how to do their job right, and they will make sure that you remember the taste of their hands till your dying day.

Pawpaw Cafe
Pawpaw Cafe, Stanley Street East, Woolloongabba QLD, Australia

Roma Street Parkland

Following your scrumptious breakfast, you should head to the nearby Roma Street Parkland, which features various stunning waterways and gardens. Best of all, the area is dominated by modern plans, so you will get to see some interesting, futuristic designs. Take a stroll along the park and breaths of fresh air!

Roma Street Parkland
Roma Street Parkland, Parkland Boulevard, Brisbane City QLD, Australia

Museum of Brisbane

The Museum of Brisbane is the perfect destination if you want to understand the history of the city. With a host of numerous artifacts and treasures, the museum takes you on a walk through the developmental process of Brisbane. Entrance to the museum is free, and its collection is praiseworthy, so there is nothing to lose here!

Museum of Brisbane
Museum of Brisbane, City Hall, Adelaide Street, Brisbane City QLD, Australia

Moreton Island

It is time for you to hop onto a ferry and sail to Moreton Island, which is often described as a little piece of heaven on earth. With its plethora of offerings and exciting activities, you will feel that you have truly escaped the mundanity of your ordinary life. Begin your stay here by warding off your exhaustion by relaxing at one of its peaceful beaches. Follow this by exhilarating snorkeling, whale-watching, kayaking, and 4WD riding activities. When the sun sets and the night blanket the skies, it is time for you to return to Brisbane and lodge in the accommodation you booked.

Moreton Island
Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia

Day 3

Cardamom Pod

One of the best eateries on the Gold Coast, Cardamom Pod is the perfect place to have the last meal of your vacation, for it marks the conclusion of your exciting adventure in an ideal way. Experience veganism at its finest, with a full menu of flavors, colors, and innovation. Although all the items on their menu are worth trying, the bush tucker pancakes here are an absolute delight. The classic is offered with an Aussie twist that you will come to love.

The Cardamom Pod
The Cardamom Pod, Brolga Avenue, Southport QLD, Australia

Gold Coast Hinterland

Book a rental and drive up north along the Hinterland highway, passing pristine beaches, peacefully sailing yachts, and gliding seagulls. You may be tempted to stop here and reward yourself with some blissful time at the beaches, but the reward time has not come yet. Take the exit to Mt Tamborine and continue your drive across lush properties until you finally get to Tamborine Village. The journey is fantastic in itself, so do not rush through it.

Hinterland Regional Park
Hinterland Regional Park, Hardys Road, Mudgeeraba QLD, Australia

Tamborine Village

The village is characterized by lovely cafes and boutique stores that attract the attention of its visitors. Be sure to spend some time wandering about, exploring the village's natural and humanmade ingenious constructions. There are several short bushwalks and national parks in the region, so take your time to explore whatever comes along your way properly.

Tamborine QLD, Australia

Mt Tamborine Vineyard and Winery

Enjoy a quintessential Aussie lunch at the Mt Tamborine Vineyard and Winery. Here you can taste some of the finest Aussie brews and a gourmet delight you would remember till the end of your days. Plus, the destination's interior is very amusing, too, with a wire sculpture of a wine bottle atop the cellar door. You will stay fascinated while you gorge down the meal! If you are not in the mood for some proper lunch, the facility also offers excellent hi-tea services that you might want to check out.

Mount Tamborine Vineyard & Winery
Mount Tamborine Vineyard & Winery, Long Road, Tamborine QLD, Australia


After you have had your filling lunch, it is time for you to laze at the Broadwater foreshore. The waters here are bright, calm, and clear, offering a sense of pristineness that is unmatchable. Plus, there isn't much traffic around here, so you can spend some peacefully meaningful time. Relax by the water and watch boats cruise past or enjoy an energizing nap!

Gold Coast Broadwater
Gold Coast Broadwater, Southport QLD, Australia

Three Little Pigs Bar & Bistro

End your fantastic three-day itinerary in style in Three Little Pigs Bar & Bistro. They are committed to making the best pork belly in town, and they do deliver what they promise. You will love not only the ambiance of the eatery but also their absolutely phenomenal dishes. My recommendation is their dish called Sticky Pork.

Three Little Pigs Bar & Bistro
Three Little Pigs Bar & Bistro, Main Street, Tamborine Mountain QLD, Australia

Credits: Tourism Australia, Brisbane Marketing

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