Top 20 Experience in Taichung

3-Day Private Hiking Tour of Jade Mountain

3-Day Private Hiking Tour of Jade Mountain

Welcome to the island with the highest density of 3,000+ meter mountains in the world. Let Imagine introduce you to the bǎiyuè (百岳)!

Hiking up to 3952 meters above sea level with Imagine's dedicated mountain guides is a truly adventurous experience and one you will remember for a lifetime. We go the extra mile by providing binoculars for animal/bird enthusiasts and even a mini telescope for star gazing in the evening, keeping the group sizes small and intimate is something we pride ourselves on.

Get in touch and start planning your trip up to the top of Taiwan!

To complete this booking we need to book national park permits so. Please do the following to ensure a successful application.

1) Book 2 months in advance.
2) Book the trip during the week Monday-Friday.
3) Provide the following details for all the group:

Name (as on passport):
Passport number:
Phone number:
Email address:
Home Address:
Emergency contact name:
Emergency contact mobile:
1D Tour to Cingjing Farm from Taichung

1D Tour to Cingjing Farm from Taichung

Let your guide take you to the higher-altitude peaceful areas of Taiwan! Visit, among other things, Guanyin Waterfalls, The Old England Maron and the Mona Rudo Memorial Park.
Bubble Tea Class Taichung

Bubble Tea Class Taichung

During the one hour during bubble tea class, you will be told (in Chinese) about the history of Bubble tea and you will get the chance to make it yourself.
Taiwanese Religion Cultural Tour

Taiwanese Religion Cultural Tour

Joss paper, a symbol of Taiwanese religion, is the object to communicate with the GOD in Taiwanese tradition. Nowadays, along with rising of the air pollution and losing of the traditional culture. Joss paper is losing its meaning. Within this tour, we shall discuss with you the meaning of traditional culture and religion and how to react to the trend of modernize. You will experiencing the process of producing paper from bamboo and understanding the meaning of the pattern on joss paper. Moreover, by circling the joss paper around the incense burner in the last step, you will be blessed by the God which is the perfect ending of the tour. Come to experience the grand Chinese religion culture and immerse yourself in this deep mystery world.
Sun Moon Lake Stand up Paddle

Sun Moon Lake Stand up Paddle

Sun Moon Lake is located in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. It is the second largest lake in Taiwan and the largest reservoir of natural lakes and power generation. It is rich in natural ecology, but it is also one of the freshwater lakes with the most exotic species. This is an alternative way of exploring Sun Moon Lake! Any beginners can start paddle boarding in 15 minutes!
1 day tour Sun Moon Lake from Taichung

1 day tour Sun Moon Lake from Taichung

Sun Moon Lake offers one of the most beautiful sceneries in Taiwan. In the morning meet with your guide/driver and visit Sun Moon Lake all day. You can choose to do optional activities. This tour is private can be customized to your wishes. The language of the guidance other then English are on request possible.
Cingjing Farm & Puli Day Tour with Lunch - Join Tour

Cingjing Farm & Puli Day Tour with Lunch - Join Tour

This is a day that allows you to delve into the countryside and history of beautiful Taiwan.

- Enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains and greenery at Cingjing Farm, famous for its abundance of sheep

- Move to greener pastures and catch sheeps grazing on grassy hills when you visit the Green Green Grasslands.

- Visit the amazing construction of Chung Tai Chan Monastery, the largest Buddhist monastery in the world

- Visit the Puli Brewery, a native history museum and the lovely carp lake

- Hotel transfers, lunch, admission fees are all included in the tour
A Cong's Little Taro

A Cong's Little Taro

Acong Master Taro Cultural Museum hand-made taro cakes DIY: Dajia is rich in taro. It will use the skills of making pastries in local produce to make the famous taro cakes from Taiwan. . Homemade taro crisps, wrapped in taro fillings, taste a bite, rich puff pastry and unique taro aroma, full of touch and satisfaction in this homemade taro crisp. Make a DIY reservation for taro crisps, wait for the scone time, and there will be a guided tour of the Taro Cultural Museum. The park also has the largest noodle stick, eggbeater, and taro field image wall for tourists to take pictures. There are also cakes for tasting, for visitors to taste, take a break in the rest area, take a bite of taro crisps and a cup of coffee, and savor the tranquility and leisure. Acong Taro Cultural Museum welcomes you.
1 Day Tour Taichung & Gaomaei

1 Day Tour Taichung & Gaomaei

Discover Taichung's highlights by visiting the National Theatre and its exceptional structure, colorful Rainbow Village and the breathtaking Gaomei Wetlands.
Taichung North District Walking Tour

Taichung North District Walking Tour

After we finish our time together you will have insight into the meaning of some of Taichung’s most significant and historical places. They say language is the key to culture, but learning a language is a years long endeavor. After our time together you will leave with another key to the culture of Taiwan through learning about the symbols and stories they have left to be passed on.

For more information or questions, contact us by email.
Taichung Bar Crawl

Taichung Bar Crawl

We are a group of people who are eager to meet new friends and let many people understand that Taiwan is not just the scenery in textbooks, but also the nightlife and more new friends you can't experience.

The friends you meet here may come from all over the world and of course Taiwan. You will get many unexpected gains during the event, such as accompanying photographers, endless drinks and many new friends !!

Remember don't drink too much! You don't want to see your ugly photos in the camera haha.

Come and leave us wonderful memories in Taichung and expand friends around the world ❤️

I'm Lynn and my friends from Japan and Taiwan, and I love traveling. I also experience local nightlife through Pub Crawl in the world.
The night of the bar in Taichung is basically a "bar jump" tour. As a group of about 20-40 people, we will explore various bars or nightclubs in one night in Taichung. All bars are within walking distance, so this method is a great way to experience the nightlife of the city, and you can meet each other through the event and meet the jumpers who participate in the event.

Visit at least 3 bars or clubs and the last stop will be a nightclub. On most nights, you will also get all the PUB CRAWL party after admission. This usually happens at another club. So in one night you might visit 3 to 5 parties.

Taichung is a city located in central Taiwan. There are many amazing things waiting for you to explore, but it is very rare to spend a random, crazy night in a city compared to other major cities, especially if you don't know where to go.

If you are thinking about starting alone, don't be shy! Many people may come here alone, and each attempt is to integrate into this group and introduce everyone to each other.
Taichung & Lukang 1 Day Tour

Taichung & Lukang 1 Day Tour

Pick-up in the morning by private car with English-speaking licensed Guide/Driver (other language can be requested!) at your hotel in Taichung or at the HSR Train station. Your guide will briefly introduce the day.

► The tour starts from the Taichung Literature Museum;
► Visit the Six Arts Cultural Center;
► Continue to Miyahara;
► On the way to Lukang you will stop is the Rainbow Village;
► Visit Lukang;
► Tour will end at the Taichung National Theater.

This tour includes the English-speaking licensed guide for the whole trip and can be tailor-made. Other languages can be requested!
Full-Day Taichung and Lavender Cottage Private Tour with Lunch

Full-Day Taichung and Lavender Cottage Private Tour with Lunch

Despite being an industrialized city, Taichung offers some green areas in and around the town; today you will visit some of the nicest ones!
This tour will last around 9 hours and includes English speaking licensed guide, van and driver, lunch at the Lavender Cottage and entrance tickets.
Alishan Culture and Ecology -One Day Tour

Alishan Culture and Ecology -One Day Tour

1. Licensed tour guide and driver
2. Air-conditioned vehicle
3. Bottled water
4. 2 million travel liability insurance +200 thousand medical insurance
5. Wifi on board.
Meeting point and meeting time(read before booking)
Meeting point 1:
07: 30 MRT, Formosa Boulevard station, Exit 2

Meeting point 2:
09:00 THSR, High speed rail Chiayi station, Exit 2
address:Chiayi Station, 612, Taiwan, Chiayi County, Taibao City, 高鐵西路168號

Meeting point 3:
09:30 TRA Chiayi train station, front square ( No. 617, Zhongshan Road, Chiayi city)
address: No. 617, Zhongshan Road, West District, Chiayi City, Taiwan 600
Taichung Tour: 1000 YEARS' OLD STORIES

Taichung Tour: 1000 YEARS' OLD STORIES

Discover a different Taichung through the history of its buildings and the artistic streets! This tour includes the English-speaking licensed guide for the whole trip and itinerary can also be expanded if time allows.
- 9 hours with professional English-speaking licensed Guide (other languages on request);
- 9 hours van with driver - 9 hours ;
- Parking, fuel and all the drivers & guide expenses

Exploring in Sun Moon Lake with Stand Up board

Exploring in Sun Moon Lake with Stand Up board

Exploring Sun Moon Lake: explore the secrets that can't be reached on foot, and the whole nature is in front of you
SUP floating on the water: riding in the Sun Moon Lake.
High safety standard: the highest standard of travel safety.
SUP professional experience: high level of mastery of activities, well-trained coaches, familiar with all possible changes in activities.
Photography: to leave beautiful and vivid images for the event, we are equipped with professional equipment for photography.