Top 20 Experience in Shibuya

Hopping to members only bars & finding special Japanese whiskey in Tokyo!

Hopping to members only bars & finding special Japanese whiskey in Tokyo!

We will hop to 2 bars and enjoy all of highest quality Japanese Whiskey, Sake & Cocktails in deepest places!

1st bar
★Including 2 drinks & table charge
・Owner will serve drink which is perfect for you. Please let us know whatever you like.

2nd bar
★Including 2 drinks,1 food, 1 desert & table charge
★Including 3 drinks, 1 desert & table charge

・Welcome drink which is the best sake selected from all over Japan with owner confidence.
・2 types of Japanese special whisky (You can pick up Yamazaki 12 years and Hakushu or Yamazaki or Hibiki) or 2 types of hand made Cocktails!
・Wagyu beef jerky.

We really wanna tell you how amazing REAL Japanese bars and drinks!
Our places are absolutely deepest & different taste.
Best bar have to be combines splendid atmosphere and awesome drinks to us.
We are sure about we can change your mind about what’s Japanese bar and drinks.
Don’t experience just surface of Japan. Please enjoy Real.

But we understand your feeling also.
When we visit top place in unfamiliar country, the amount money and their reaction are uneasy.
But we successful partnership with bars and IT company that want to preserve the traditional Japanese bar culture finally!
They're working to expand the REAL Japanese bar's characteristic culture to the world.
So they're really exciting to the day when meet up you and share to knowledge with you!

Only owners provide you with the drinks which is you want with a wealth of knowledge. Don't think it's the same as any other bar hopping tour.