Williamsburg Walking Food Tour

Williamsburg Walking Food Tour


Tour description

This tour is great for both visitors and guests who want to explore the culinary side of Williamsburg. Your tour departs from St. Merchant's Square at 2pm and lasts approximately three hours.

This tour includes visits to and samplings at seven of the eight following locations (subject to change):

1) Wythe Candy Shop: assortment of chocolates

2) Peanut Shop: variety of peanuts

3) Kilwins: freshly made fudge

4) Spice and Tea Exchange: surprise bag, tasting of sugars and spices

5) Blue Talon Bistro: gourmet mac and cheese

7) Justified bake shop: Sampling of goods based owners choosing 

8) Paul's Deli: Made from scratch pizza, made from locally sourced ingredients

9) College Deli: Hot Holly Sandwich

10) Green Leafe Cafe: Flight tasting of local beers

What's included

  • Visit several eateries and restaurants
  • Tastings
  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Professional guide/driver

What's not included

  • Gratuities
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

Provider Photos

  • Chocolates too!

  • Try Williamsburg's best gourmet Mac and Cheese


User Reviews

  • Ann K
    This was the worst food tour I have ever taken and the highlights on Trip Advisor are not accurate. Stay away from this one - just walk around Merchant Square yourself and save over $60. Our tour included 2 restaurants, 3 retail stores and a coffee chain and the total food provided was barely an appetizer. We did not visit 8 food places and certainly did not see anything behind the scenes. Restaurant 1 provided us a kids menu Mac n ($7.95) to be shared by two people - each of us getting 12 ziti noodles. Thankfully I was with a person I knew - or I’d be sharing it with a stranger. Restaurant 2 gave us a ham board to be shared by 3 people ($6 pp) - strangers with no serving utensils and 2 biscuits - really? We each had 1/2 biscuit and probably an ounce of ham and teaspoon of cheese spread. Both restaurants seemed surprised when we showed up and gave us no information about the place, other than passing around a menu, so we could see what they offer in case we came back. Store 1 was a tea/spice shop that gave a 1/2 ounce of Toscany spice, a 10% coupon and not a drop of tea. Store 2 was a peanut shop that gave us a small candy bar made in Minnesota ($3) and a 10% off coupon. Store 3 was a candy shop that gave us a small bag with 5 small pieces of candy and a 20% off coupon - see the pattern? In each store, we were basically ignored by the shop employees, heard nothing about the store, other than what the tour guide likes to buy there and were left to roam around on our own, or stand outside waiting for the next stop. We also went to a chain coffee place where we were asked to choose between 1 scoop of gelato or a cup of coffee ($3). I learned nothing other than colonists bought spices and peanuts are grown in Virginia. This was a sorry excuse for a tour, seemed very as hoc and to ask strangers to eat from the same plate is awful!
  • laurabele1
    So we started not being able to contact the tour company and did not know where to meet. After many texts and calls we were told a wrong location, but the lady did call us back and correct this. Then they promised 4 or 5 food places and a flight of beer. We did 2 places, no beer and we totaled what was paid for and it is less than 20.00 and we paid about 78.00 per person. We had to share a tiny portion and only two restaurants.We had one scoop of gelato and had to wait in line. They took us to no places that made us feel like a Williamsburg experience. The guide was so so and when we were eating just sat there on her phone. I went away hungry and who wants to go on a tour where they say , go in and shop and meet us outside. Not one person on the tour was happy…and then the guide asked for a tip. We could have gone to a great restaurant for that money. As one other couple said this is called Highway Robbery
  • Robert_B
    This was a great experience. Cyndi was an excellent host and took us to some delicious venues. Good intro to the area. Now, when we return, we will be able to easily find good places to eat.
  • Jean C
    The guide made the tour. We had visited the same area a few days before but with the guide the experience was so much more interesting. She really knows the history and added pictures and tidbits that made it worthwhile about chefs, the businesses we visited, and other places to see. Coupons were a nice extra as well. Mac and cheese to die for. Highly recommend!
  • Ronald P
    Nicely organized. Well thought out by our host. The establishments were inviting. The items presented for tasting were enjoyable.
  • renemH3922ZM
    Cyndi was very knowledgeable and made this a great experience for my sister’s birthday. There was plenty of great food and the entire tour was well organized. We can’t wait to do the Ghost tour next.
  • _KatAbrra
    Amazing experience. Cyndi did just great on the tour, about the history and the food were all good. Will definitely recommend and do it again. Two thumbs up!!!
  • juanafrans
    An unforgettable and well-organized experience. It totally exceeded all expectations. Not only was the food sensational, but so too the venues. All were made extra special by having a well-organized, intelligent, and knowledgeable guide, thank you so much you were so kind and made our trip a great success.
  • T S
    William ( the tour guide) was very interesting and educated on the different history and foods in town. I enjoyed everything about it!
  • kenphillipc
    Amazing food tour! We've been on a TON of food tours and culinary tours around the country. This one was the best and very very delicious!! It was just a taste of some of the most popular local places but we were full at the end and the guide, Definitely recommended! If you want a good taste of the town with great food and a great guide, then you have to try this while you're here!! Loved it! This tour was great! Our guide was really cool, he was able to show us different places. The food we ate was the best portions but we ended up making reservations at a few of the places we sampled food at. It was absolutely delicious! By the end of the tour we were full and opted for a late snack. We got to hear about the history and how the restaurants came to this town. 100% would recommend this tour.




    Duration3 hours

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