Skip the line Entrance Ticket for Pena

Skip the line Entrance Ticket for Pena


Tour description

Visit: Park and National Palace of Pena, Estrada da Pena, Sintra 2710-609 Portugal

Discover Sintra’s beauty and history, its romantic Marvel at Pena Palace, one of the most magnificent and recognisable tourist attractions of Portugal. The palace exemplifies the 19th century Romanticism style of architecture and stands atop a rocky peak, which is the second highest point in Sintra Hills.

What's included

  • Entry Ticket
  • Entry/Admission - Park and National Palace of Pena
  • Guaranteed to skip the lines

What's not included

  • Guide

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User Reviews

  • Pqmoss
    Having the ticket in hand saved time and gave us peace of mind once we reached the top of the hill to visit the palace. Our Uber driver got lost so we were a bit delayed but the palace staff was very cheerful and accommodating, even in the rain. Mid-week in October was a great time for a visit. The palace itself was surreal- a bit of Disney, a bit of antique furniture but great views in all directions. We walked from the i ohajace to the Moorish Castle- the woods are gorgeous and the castle ruins very extensive with their i out an great views and scenery (tickets were purchased at the entrance).
  • HarasNorthernIreland
    I paid twice the standard price for a skip the queue ticket and ended up queuing for about an hour and a half. Just buy the ticket direct, this is not a useful service.
  • Kenneth_W
    Not really skip the line. Still waited a long time with everyone else. You have an entry time on any ticket and that is what they honor. Take a jacket definitely cooler up there. Bus lines are long or you can walk to the top. 25-30 minutes to top. Have seen more interesting places but can check Sintra Palace off. One visit in lifetime should be done if in Lisbon
  • Liane b
    Our visit to Peña Palace was wonderful but the hour before our booked time we spent in the gardens which proved to be the highlight
  • Sophie_P
    Skip the line entrance doesn’t mean you actually get to skip the line. This is completely misleading. We purchased the tickets so we could avoid the line to enter and that was not at all possible. I had selected the 11:30am slot and the tickets confirmed the 12pm slot. The line was not only to enter but to go through the entire palace. It was claustrophobic and many of the rooms were closed. The weather wasn’t helpful either. It was freezing, rainy and foggy. If the weather forecast is bad, avoid at all cost. This is a place for fair weather visits only. Oh, and don’t be fooled by the marketing ploy of this service. You will not be able to “skip the line”. Just purchase your tickets online.
  • 358alekseip
    It’s not the experience I was waiting for buying tickets online. Tickets was not available after the purchase. It took some time and a phone call to get them. By this time I already passed the whole line and bought another ticket in the entrance. This ticket is also more expensive and doesn’t include Peña Palace.
  • Rellevarttraveller
    Good service, especially when there are crowds of tourists waiting to buy a ticket. This doesn't let you skip the line of people who already have a ticket though.
  • JonathanS_J
    Pena palace was great but ticket came late the night before (after being promised earlier) and had the wrong time slot (one half-hour later).
  • Robert_L
    The downloaded ticket was not accepted at the palace entrance. When I requested an emailed ticket it simply returned me to the page where I could download another copy of the useless ticket or again request an email. Appears to be a scam.
  • skripnusia
    Extremely misleading information. Instead of getting into the actual castle, this was an entérenle to the park. Waste of money - didn’t use this ticket at all.




    Duration2 hours

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