Switzerland is sometimes overlooked by budget visitors because it is one of the most costly nations in Europe. All of the charming stereotypes are true - cheese, chocolate, clocks, and compulsive punctuality – but Switzerland is much more than this. The major cities are cosmopolitan and energetic, there are nice transport links, and the scenery is breathtaking.

Whether you visit Switzerland for its pastoral landscape or its spectacular mountain ranges, this European country will give you unforgettable memories. Travel to Switzerland and you will discover a country that is informally divided into four linguistic areas, with the neighbouring countries of France, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Liechtenstein willingly sharing their mother languages with its landlocked neighbour.

Switzerland has a temperate climate, with warm summer days and cold nights, and cold, sunny winters with lots of snow from December to March. Heavy snowfalls are frequent in the Alps for around nine months of the year. From June through September (summer), there is sunlight and little rain, making it ideal for trekking in the mountains and exploring places. Winter lasts from November to March, and there is lots of snow, making it ideal for winter sports such as skiing.

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