Don't be shocked if you find yourself thinking about moving to Sweden after seeing Stockholm; the city makes traveling seem easy and straightforward (even for newbies). Locals are generally kind and inviting, English is widely spoken, and everything from the metro system to city streets is clean and straightforward.

Beyond the ease of transit, Stockholm offers a one-of-a-kind experience due to its location on an archipelago of 14 islands, each with its own distinct feel—from the colorful buildings and cobblestone alleyways of Gamla Stan to the nature-rich isle of Djurgrden. It's a spot where you may take a public boat and be transported to another planet without ever leaving the city. And, no matter where you wind yourself, you'll be comfortable in the modern, metropolitan atmosphere that Sweden is known for. Make time for fika, or a coffee and cake break, so you can slow down and enjoy life like the natives.

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