The second-largest city in Croatia offers several first-rate beauties. To begin, Split (pronounced as it is spelt) is located in central Dalmatia on the glistening Adriatic Sea. Its undulating landscape falls down to pebbly beaches and blue seas, with views of nearby islands such as fashionable Hvar. Second, it's seen a lot of history: consider Roman Emperor Diocletian, who began building his palace here in A.D. 295. Despite its historical significance, Split is not mired in the past. For example, its labyrinthine medieval palace now houses buzzy bars, exciting restaurants, and stylish boutiques.

Split is a fantastic place to visit all year, but the ideal time to travel in Split is from May to October. However, June and September are better months than July and August since the temperature is hot and there are a lot of visitors around in July and August.

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