Syddanmark (Southern Denmark)


Ribe, Denmark's oldest town, is situated near the Wadden Sea. For thousands of years, the medieval town has kept its distinct past. Its rich culture, arts, and historical buildings, such as Ribe VikingeCenter and The Cathedral, position it among Denmark's top ten must-see destinations. We spoke with Jane Madvig Sndergaard of VisitRibe to get a local perspective on the engaging culture and breathtaking scenery that Ribe has to offer.

It is not just Denmark's, but also Scandinavia's, oldest town. The medieval town has been extraordinarily well maintained, and the history of the town is unique. The locals are extremely proud of their town and work tirelessly to maintain its distinctive ambiance and architecture. Ribe is next to Denmark's largest national park, The Wadden Sea National Park, which was included on UNESCO's World Heritage list in 2014.

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