Czech Republic (Czechia)


Prague, a rich and lively city, is attracting more visitors than ever before. However, its beautiful center hides a terrible history as well as a resilient past. Prague has survived several overthrows, invasions, fires, and floods dating back to around A.D. 870. The Czech capital's allure stems from its reputation for survival and resilience. Today, its historic churches, tiny alleyways, intimidating hilltop castles, and statue-lined bridges set the stage for an urban fairy tale. Even the most jaded tourist would be hard-pressed to resist the allure of this metropolis.

Prague was previously a secret treasure, overlooked by its flashier neighbors to the west. But the city couldn't keep its wonders hidden for long, and it's now a haven for tourists looking for awe-inspiring experiences at low rates. Even today, prominent sites, such as the iconic Charles Bridge and the ancient Prague Castle, provide free entrance, and many hotels offer rooms for a fraction of the cost of other European cities. However, this bargain-hunting heritage is running out of time, so if you're looking for a fire-sale deal, now's the time.

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