Phú Quý

Phú Quý

Phu Quy, a fascinating speck of land in the East Sea, is yet another of Vietnam's formerly 'unknown' islands that has just opened its doors to local and international visitors. Phu Quy is a flat, green island rising slowly to two volcanic peaks in the middle of the ocean, 120 kilometers east of Phan Thiet on the mainland. Phu Quy, like other similar islands in Vietnam, is on the verge of a tourist boom: its name is on the lips of most young Vietnamese travellers, and developers are searching the island for appropriate building sites.

There hasn't been much tourism development yet, but infrastructure — roads, ports, and ferries – is in place. Because the island is still under military rule, all international visitors had to get a permit to enter Phu Quy until recently. However, this is no longer necessary as of September 2020. There are daily swift ferries from the mainland, nice, inexpensive guest accommodations, magnificent bays, beaches, and island panoramas, affordable seafood, friendly people, scores of local temples, empty coast roads, and an exciting sensation of seclusion. The moment has come to pay a visit.

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