Phú Quốc


Phú Quốc

When you’re ready for adventurous tropical bliss, you’ll find this island, with its combination of idyllic beaches and enticing activities, will make for the perfect holiday.

While there’s plenty to keep you occupied on a Phu Quoc island beach escape – apart from relaxing on white sands, you can scuba dive, kayak and visit local bars and restaurants – there’s a whole lot of this island covered in tropical jungle ready to explore. Jump on a motorbike, head north to get away from the crowds and see temples, national parks, local villages and the fish sauce factory.

Food lovers can immerse themselves in the dining scene. Head to the local markets to see traders plying their wares (often caught just off shore) and gorge on freshly flamed street food. This is a popular spot for expats, too, who move here and open quirky bistros and bars featuring menus that span the flavours and techniques from east and west.

Phu Quoc Island, set off the country’s west coast, is easy, too. After a quick 50-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City, guests can check into luxurious resorts and enjoy quaint cafes along the southern coastline near Bai Sao.

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