Ninh Bình


Ninh Bình

Ninh Binh is a popular tourism destination for both domestic and international visitors. Almost all people who come to Ninh Binh are captivated by the beauty and compassion of poetry. However, it is also incredibly stunning, having a number of gorgeous locations. Trang An, Tam Coc-Bich Dong, Van Long lake, and so on. Each of Ninh Binh's sites has incredibly distinct and profound qualities, providing a draw for more and more people to visit.

Because it is located in the humid tropics, the summers are frequently hot. However, between June and the end of August, the rainy season has begun. January and February: This is the festival season in Ninh Binh, thus many people prefer to visit here during this period. However, this is often a very busy period! April and May: The weather is dry, with bright sunshine, but it is still a little cool in the spring. September marks the beginning of the ripe rice season, with its natural scenery dominated by the golden hues of the fields. Furthermore, the weather has lowered the intensity of the sun at this time, making it ideal for exploring Ninh Binh.

Photo: Catherine Dionne

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