Despite the fact that over half of the country was once under water, the Netherlands is one of the world's most urbanized – and densely inhabited – countries, with a diverse choice of locations to explore crammed into a relatively tiny space. It's a unique country – about the size of Maryland in the United States – that's mostly man-made, with around half of its land area lying at or below sea level. Its rich, pancake-flat environment is crisscrossed with drainage ditches and canals beneath vast open sky, and the country's towns and villages are frequently immaculate and untouched, with gabled mansions, lovely canals, and church spires. Despite the country's tiny size, each town is frequently a very distinct location with its own individual personality — fact, nowhere else in the world can you hear so many different accents, even dialects, in such a small space.

The greatest time to visit the Netherlands is in June or between September and November, when the leaves change color and the festive foods and drinks appear. During these hours, you'll receive the finest value, calm, and activities, and temperatures will be comfortable, ranging from 48 to 66°F.

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