Germany has exciting cities and a wide range of landscapes, including the North Sea coast and the Alps, never fail to captivate its numerous tourists. The major motive is for vacations: holiday travel accounts for a larger percentage of overall travel than business travel and other types of private travel.

Known for their efficiency and engineering, the Germans know how to make a country. A stunning blend of historical significance and futuristic drive, Germany is a powerhouse of modern life. Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg are must-see cities for travelers. Düsseldorf and Frankfurt Rhine-Main are other popular destinations. Bavaria is by far the most popular state destination, followed by North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony.

If you've never been to Germany before and you are planning a vacation, you might be wondering what to expect. Germany is a very diversified country that varies from town to town and city to town. It is ideal to visit Germany at any time but you need to be aware of how the weather changes throughout the year, and therefore tourist attractions and prices, to make sure this doesn’t impede on your plans. The best time to travel to Germany is from April to November.

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