Côn Đảo

Côn Đảo

Con Dao Island was voted one of the beautiful and mysterious islands, and it is now being chosen as a paradise for leisure travel and nature exploration, despite the fact that it was the obsession of Vietnamese people during the wars, as it is known as "the hell of the world" in Vietnam when it was once a prison of "no return."

For decades, the main village of Con Son was utilized as an island jail for anti-regime dissidents and criminals by the French and Americans. Several of these prisons are now deeply emotional and terrifying places to visit. Aside from history, Con Dao is endowed with beautiful beaches and abundant coral reefs that offer some of the greatest diving in Vietnam. The islands have been designated as a National Park, and there are rewarding rain forest hikes to remote bays. Con Dao is truly a "magic place" in Vietnam's southern region.

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