Brussels is the capital of the European Union and the largest city in Belgium. It is best renowned for its vast array of architectural treasures, as an administrative hub for some of the world's most prominent international organizations such as the EU and NATO, and for its wonderful sweets. Belgium is a multilingual city, with road signs, services, and other signage in both French and Dutch. The Belgian Comic Strip Center, the Museum of the Army, and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts are all located in the city center of Brussels.

The gastronomy of Brussels is very well-known. Belgian waffles are a local delicacy that are light and delicious. Lambic, a sort of beer brewed differently from ales and lagers, is also popular in the city. Visit Brussels to sample these regional delicacies as well as the city's other signature dishes, such as chocolate and moules-frites! Because of its central location in Europe, the city is one of the most accessible places on the continent. Discover all that Brussels has to offer by visiting the city. This Brussels travel guide will assist you in getting about the city.

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