Despite being the biggest nation in Scandinavia, and its capital, Stockholm, dictating many design trends across the world, you will learn during your vacation to Sweden that the majority of the country is still untouched wilderness. Outside of some of Sweden's dazzling capitals, such as Stockholm and Gothenburg, the journey is a fantastic outdoor experience, ideal for tourists searching for picturesque hikes and canals to paddle on. History has also left its imprint here, as shown by the country's Viking remains and medieval castles.

For good reason, everyone wants to visit Sweden in the summer. Despite the fact that the nation is rarely hot, Swedes appreciate the long days and summer sun, and there is a vacation spirit in the air. Winter is unquestionably the low season in Stockholm, but the city comes alive around the holidays, and the Swedes are masters at transforming restaurants, hotels, and even stores into enticing locations to escape the cold and darkness.

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