Spain is one of Europe's most mountainous countries. Approximately 90% of the land is covered by plateaus and mountains. A major portion of Spain is at an elevation of 700 meters above sea level. After Switzerland, this is Europe's highest country. The climate in Spain varies considerably between the different regions. Although it is alpine and the interior experiences a hot and arid climate in the northern mountainous regions, most of the country appreciates a temperate and mild climate.

Summer holidays in Spain are popular with visitors from all over the world. The best places for summer vacation are located on the Mediterranean coast and Balearic Islands. The famous Canary Islands are part of Spain and one of the best places in the world. Look beyond the stereotypes of paella, sangria, and siesta to get the most out of your trips to Spain in this incredibly diverse country. Even in the most overcrowded Costa del Sol resorts, you'll be able to locate a genuine bar or restaurant where the locals dine, as well as a village not far away from where an age-old bullfighting culture has nothing to do with tourists.

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