Norway has been quiet for a thousand years, since the ravaging days of the Vikings, and it frequently appears isolated, even strange to visitors, which is astonishing considering its physical location near the center of Europe. For many tourists, the remainder of the nation is as blank on the map as Oslo and the famed fjords. However, it is outside of the towns and off the major highways that you will find Norway at its most magical: wide stretches of tranquil, postcard-perfect scenery where you may travel for hours without seeing another human. From the deep, blue-black fjords and towering snowy peaks to jagged wooded hills and the seemingly boundless expanse of Arctic tundra, there is nothing tame – and precious little tamed – in this wildness.

Autumn is the finest season to explore Norway's northern regions, since it provides less visitors, colder temperatures (between 5°C and 10°C), and spectacular foliage. Between May and August is the finest season to visit Norway's southern area, when the days are long, the landscapes are green, and the temperature is mild, between 16°C and 22°C. Expect to see a few more tourists around now that it's a popular time to visit the area. This time of year, you may trek in northern Norway beneath the midnight sun.

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