Iceland is a captivating destination for any traveller, volcanoes, glaciers, the wind and the sea merge to create a landscape that is like nowhere else on Earth. Travelling to Iceland is great at any time of year, whether you come for the eternal sun of summer or in search of winter’s Northern Lights nature is sure to put on a show.

Iceland is known for its unique destination with an adventurous streak. The quirky natural phenomenons, breath-taking scenery and a barren desolate landscape make Iceland an excellent choice for a road trip with plenty of opportunities to get off the beaten track.

There's always something new and interesting to discover in Iceland, whether it's diving in the Silfra Fissure, climbing glaciers, or road travelling along the Ring Road! When planning your trip, you need to decide what you want to see to figure out the best time to travel to Iceland. While the summer months mean warmer temperatures and fewer road closures, you’ll have to deal with large crowds and higher prices.

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