Hungary is one of many underrated jewels of Europe. In comparison to expensive Western Europe, Hungary represents incredible value. It has stunning scenery, a rich history, hearty food, and affordable nightlife. There will be fewer tourists, lower prices, gorgeous national parks, historic city cores, and friendly people. The food, architecture, and culture of Central Europe are solid, but the more exotic, and undoubtedly romantic, origin story of the nomadic, warrior Magyars from the Central Asian steppe is also central to Hungarians' fiery national pride.

The majority of people associate Hungary with Budapest. It has become a popular destination for romantic getaways, weekend vacations, and gatherings. While Budapest deserves to be the centre of attention, there is much more to see; gorgeous Baroque towns coexist with ancient castles and fortresses, while nature asserts itself spectacularly in the form of Lake Balaton, the densely forested Northern Uplands, and the vast sweep of the Great Plain, not to mention one of the great Danube River's grandest stretches.

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