Top Experiences in Siem Reap Old Market (Phsar Chas)


Khmer gourmet cooking class

Khmer Gourmet Degustation

USD 29

Cooking class with a special degustation/ you create for you 2 starters, 2 main courses and 1 dessert

Travel to Inspire

Bicycle Tour to Local village and rice fields in Siem Reap

USD 51.29

We cycling to visit local village to see their living situation, culture, and how they manage their families. The purpose of this tour is to share you the experience of local people to you. We'll also visit pagoda, local market, where we'll meet some of the sellers on the local food and vegetable stalls. We will be a long way off the tourist trail and can enjoy a meal at a local restaurant. You can taste the authentic Khmer food cooked in local restaurants.

Vana Adventure Travel

Small Group Phnom Penh Food Tour and Local Market Experience

USD 35

This is the best way for a foodie adventure in Phnom Penh that you’ll taste and eat like a local. From a corner of your hotel to the less well known foods store where you can try everything like Khmer noodle, cow stomach with fermented fish sauce, steam baby duck with a pepper source, fried little frog, crickets, grasshoppers , tarantulas, and paddy snack and so on are the great experience with those kind of that street foods. We have an easy walk around the local market which is called Phsar Orussey for a variety of local foods and other international influence foods like from China and Vietnam. Interestingly, These markets are also home of traditional medicine stores where our food to eat is beyond the food stuff. Walking around these local market and try your own local foods selection such as spring roll, crispy pork, balut, meat bread, Vietnamese Pho, and other beverage and dessert before we back to the hotel to sign off our a brilliant of foodies adventure in Phnom Penh